2014 head girls PV "unusual"

In line with this exciting time when snow announcements began to arrive from all over Japan one after another.
2014 head girls PV has been released ☆
The theme of this third work is "unusual"

It is "unusual".

Various experiences and emotions that can be gained through snowboarding ...
An unusual world.

If you notice it, get out of your daily life
Let's open the door
Let's dive into that world

I'm making it like that.

This head girls PV will be the third work this year.
Not only do you upload videos with just the girls in the head
Every time I think about the theme and image, I compose and edit it.

How do you want to convey it at first?It's quite difficult to express in that part.Lol
When you can't think about it by yourself, everyone is spittoon.
What is head for me?I dig into it and think about it.
This head girls PV was created by incorporating each thought into one thing.

For the time being, this third work will be a break.

After that, I will do my best in the place I want to put out and the expression I want to put out,
Looking at the PV so far, I hope that the girls who snowboard will feel like slipping.

Seen from the first work, everyone is getting more and more sick ... No, it feels like they are getting used to the atmosphere.Lol

How do you guys spend this winter?
Get out of your daily routine
Slip a lot, have a lot of fun,
Make each moment irreplaceable.

See you again this winter in the snowy mountains ♪



Days spent in the hustle and bustle of people, cars, and the city
A little unusual world that everyone has in it.

Time to know the fun and share the joy
Quiet silver mountains
The scenery you see at that place that day

A world that you can know because there is a snowboard.

Open the door to that unusual world
Let's get out of everyday life.

This winter
Wearing clothes, holding a board,
Where are you going
What kind of experience do you have?What kind of scenery do you see?

Welcome to snow season… ☆