It seems that this number (day) is not attached to me.

I was slipping on the flat of the pond, but ...
Again ... injured.American pain comes back.
Eh, why is that so? It reoccurs just because I got sick.I don't even know what it means.It's a mystery why it hurts.

I canceled both THE SLOPE and TOYOTA and thought I'd do my best in March, so I was pretty restrained and slipped.It's a shame that the season may end without showing what I want to do, what I want to do, or what I've been practicing.There are people around me who are good at it and people who are going to get better, and everyone is active, but what are they doing?Every day I feel the difference.The sponsors are also new, and this year is a year I have to show.It's really a waste.I can't do the snowboarding I want to do at all.What I was doing right now is just snowboarding.Same as the Sunday people.The snowboard I want isn't like this, I really want to slip fast.Ah, I'm sorry.

I was injured last year on February XNUMXnd
Yesterday's injury was also February XNUMX

On the way back to Hakuba from Myoko, there was a slow truck in front of me and I caught up.
I was asking before that it was too late.
Suddenly, when I look at the number of the car in front, it is "2-22"
"222" on the body of the truck

I was scared and couldn't pull it out.
I thought I would die if I pulled it out.

I was about to have a head-on collision with an oncoming car on the way from Hakuba to Yuzawa.Avoid miracles.
It seems that it hasn't been attached recently.

I will see you again at the hospital tomorrow.

Finally, everyone who is indebted to us and the sponsors.I'm really sorry.If I can make the snowboard I want, I will definitely convince everyone.Please wait a little more.Excuse me.