Invitation riders for "NISSAN X-TRAIL e-2ORCE RAIL JAM" held on February 18 have been decided!

"NISSAN X-TRAIL e-4ORCE RAIL JAM" is a one-night-only session event for street riders, set on a special street course that suddenly appears at Palcall Tsumagoi Ski Resort.

The invitation riders for this new event have finally been decided!

Here are the 12 interesting Inbiliders ↓

List of invited riders
RYO AIZAWA  @ryoaizawa___yo
HAYATO NAGASAWA @hayatonagasawa
ATSUSHI HASEGAWA @atsushi__hasegawa
KAITO JINGUJI @jingujikaito
Kenji Igarashi @pump_ken_j
MASATO TODA @muncheese_t
RYOKI OGAWA @ryokiog
SHUNSHI KOMENO @shunshi_komeno
TAKASHI TAMAMURA @tamamura_takashi
TOUI SUZUKI @toui_1129
YUYA AKADA @yuyaakada

This is the event where the top riders who support the domestic street scene gathered like this.

Opportunities to gather these faces will be rare!

Also, strong gibbers from all over the country should gather in the qualifying.

This event is free to watch, so be sure to visit Tsumagoi Palcall on February 2th!

▼ Time schedule

▼Course layout
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