It's been 2 months ~

It's been about 2 months.

I was forgetting the existence of the blog, lol

For the past two months, I went to Toyama KINGS → participated in the shooting of HYWOD → went to the New Year's party and party of the sponsoring makers and companies → went to say hello to the makers who took care of me this year → JISS ( I measured my physical strength at the National Training Center) → I went to Kobe KINGS! !!

When shooting HYWOD, I couldn't leave a video because I was too close to the beginning, but ...

I had a fulfilling life like this ~

I also went to a milk soap factory tour! !!


I was also shown the process of going inside and making soap.


It takes a long time to make it.

Also, the red and blue boxes of milk soap do not contain any extras and are very good for your body.

I didn't know ~