Champagne on the snow !? From Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ski Resort, a mix of superb views, champagne and riding

Hoshino Resort Tomamu, one of the largest stay-type snow resorts in Hokkaido, where you can enjoy the best snow quality and spend a luxurious time.Tomamu is currently holding a "superb view champagne bar".This is a sunny day-only event where a bar suddenly appears at a superb view point in the ski area and you can enjoy the snowy scenery and champagne.The bottom of this bar has the same structure as a sled, and you can tow it with a snow vehicle and move to the scenic point of the day. From this time, which will be the third time, we will take a new "Snow Mountain Tour" to visit the scenic points by riding the bar that moves only three times a day.
Would you like to enjoy a super luxurious way to enjoy snow sightseeing while drinking champagne?

2 characteristics
Enjoy champagne while gazing at the superb view
(1) The place where the bar appears is the scenic point of the day
At this event, a bar suddenly appears at the scenic point of the day, and you can drink champagne while watching the snowy landscape.I don't know where the bar will appear until the day of the event.If you stop at a corner of a ski resort where you rarely stop, you can see the snow on the trees shining in the sun and the spectacular view of the snow-covered mountains.
(2) "Snow Mountain Sightseeing" [New] to go around the scenic points on a moving bar
From this time, which will be the third time, the bar will start moving three times a day at a fixed time.Since the bottom of this bar has the same structure as a sled, it can be towed and moved by a snow vehicle.Ride this moving bar and enjoy some spectacular points while exploring the snowy mountains.There are various sightseeing courses such as a tree-lined road with snow and a mountainside overlooking the blue sky and mountains.Some courses cannot be skied or snowboarded, so you can see the scenery that you cannot see while skiing.Also, during the excursion, you can enjoy two glasses of the recommended champagne of the day selected by the bartender along with the snowy scenery.

Choose from 20 types of champagne
At this event, you can choose your favorite brand from a total of 20 types of champagne.You can compare several types of drinks, ask the bartender for recommendations and try them out, and enjoy each one.

Overview of "superb view champagne bar"
Period: March 2020st-April 3th, 1, limited to sunny days
時間 :10:00~15:00 <遊覧>10:00~、13:00~、14:00~ *各回1周約30分 料金 :シャンパン1,500円~、ノンアルコールドリンク500円、
Snow mountain sightseeing (with 2 glasses of champagne) 4,000 yen (both including tax)
Capacity: Snow mountain sightseeing 1 time up to 10 people * First-come-first-served basis
Location: Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ski Resort
Target: Available for both guests and day trips
Remarks: Even if it is sunny, it may not be carried out due to strong winds.
Brands and quantities may change depending on the purchasing situation.