19-20 model JSBA 8th consecutive demonstrator Yuji Usui's centering theory and adjustment method

Let me introduce the centering adjustment and centering theory of Yuji Usui, who is active as a JSBA 8th consecutive demonstrator.What is centering in the first place?Shouldn't it be installed in the middle?For those who don't understand, commentary!And I will open the angle theory of Yuji Usui to those who know it.

<What is centering? ?? >
▲ Settings for riding in the middle of the board
▲ Install in the slippery center position of the slipper
▲ Boots are in 0.5 cm increments, and binding sizes are generally S / M / L.Set this
▲ Set the toes of the boots so that they do not come out of the board too much.

This is generally centering.There are exceptions.It also depends on the waist width of the board and the boot size (outer size of the boot).If you're away from the typical boot size, it's likely that you'll be physically centered rather than your own preference.Recently, there are many boards with a fairly wide waist, so it is unlikely that you will not be able to choose.
SP Bindings set and adjust the groove of the disc toward the toe and heel.For example, if the boots are protruding too much from the heel side or if the board is erected at the heel side edge, the boots will hit the snow surface.Then the boots will be under pressure and the edges will be loose.This makes it easy for the edges to come off, leading to a fall.The same is true for toes. Centering is to set it to your liking within the position that clears two things.

<Yuji Usui's original centering setting>
The hind legs are set in the middle
SP Bindings SLAB.ONE M size
I'm using head Snowboards EIGHT BOA 26.5cm
The forefoot allows the disc to be centered and adjusted by pointing the groove toward the toe and heel.Generally, the correct answer is to put it in the middle.Yuji Usui attaches the forefoot with the binding close to the toe side.The reason is that it is an angle set with the front legs facing greatly in the direction of travel.If you shake the angle greatly toward the nose, the big toe will be far from the toe edge.Yuji Usui's ideal setting is to step on the thumb close to the edge, so the binding is attached to the toe side for centering adjustment.This makes it easier to turn the toe side turn.The farther it is, the harder it is to turn back to the toe side turn.I am very conscious of the setting that the toes are not too far from the toe edge.It means that the centering of the forefoot and hindfoot is changed.

<Yuji Usui's Centering Theory>
About the standard of boot centering.
Is the center of the boots the center?
Yuji Usui's theory considers the center from where the force is applied to where it is applied as the center.The tip of the toe is hard to apply force.The center is considered to be the center from the base of the finger to the heel.In other words, the idea is to be slightly on the heel side of the middle of the boots.That's why I set my forefoot a little on the toe side.

Yuji Usui's theory is not universal, but worth trying.Special attention should be paid to centering if the boots are wise-based in size.Please try various centering with reference to his theory and find the best position.There is no one correct answer.The correct answer is the position that suits you and your favorite position.

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