18-19 "DAY MAKER" "SHINE" thorough commentary Snowboarding that beginners and intermediates should take


Point the snowboard at your will, make turns, and do tricks.95% of snowboarding operations are done by twisting the board.Twisting the board is indispensable for turning the board toward the valley side from a standing position and for learning to drop leaves.Preceding movements of the eyes and body are also performed to operate (twist) the board.Only straight line and ollies (straight ollies) do not need to be twisted.

Then, a model for beginners and intermediates with the keyword "twisting" the board

Let's explain "DAY MAKER" and "SHINE".We will use the word twist = torsion.The torsion of the board is a "steering wheel" if you compare it to a car.The lightness and weight of the torsion greatly affect the running speed.If you have the image of a car with a light steering wheel (operability), the car body will be stable at the speed at which beginners and intermediates run (slide), and it will be understood.

"DAY MAKER" and "SHINE" adopt a hybrid camber pop shape.This shape maximizes the torsion of the board and maintains the stability of the board.


The center part of a general double camber has a rocker shape.The hybrid camber DCT has a flat center and is set thin.By making it flat and thin rather than the rocker shape, you can make the most of the torsion (easy to twist).Even though the flex of the entire board is set to a stable flex, there is an advantage that operability (light handle) can be maintained.

Adopting this shape has another big advantage.This shape allows you to capture the snow surface at four points, which are the snow contact points of the two cambers under your feet at the time of the turn.It has a solid edge performance and enables a stable turn even with an icy burn.It has operability, speed stability, and edge performance with high turn performance.

"DAY MAKER" and "SHINE" are adjusted to flex for beginners and intermediate users.There is no need to make it extremely soft, and the specifications that the torsion is easy to use with a slightly soft flex have high operability and have a great advantage for beginners and intermediates who can maintain speed stability.The point of head Snowboards is to choose soft boots so that beginners can recommend soft boots.Without compromising stability.

imageimage image image image

<First snowboarding, benefits for beginners>

The hardness is stable as a whole, and the torsion is soft, so it is easy to operate and you can learn snowboarding in a short time.

Easy to practice sharp turns such as big turns and small turns

<Advantages for intermediate users>

High edge performance for high speed stability and turn stability

Easy to practice carving turns

Stable press with ground tricks

The perfect model to start your spin practice (from 180 for the first time)

High stability on spins and slides on ground tricks


Let's check the performance while imagining a concrete slip


The photo is DAY MAKER.You can also use torsion to stand sideways on the slope and point the nose toward Tanigawa.You'll find that with this ease of use, the first step to the turn is easy.This is the key to improving head Snowboards.



On low-speed slopes, it is possible to use this much torsion even when making turns.


Both the front side turn and the back side turn maintain the overall flex, and by supporting the torsion, operability is improved and it is easy to turn the turn.



The board center bends to make a turn.This is the ideal bend during the turn.You can carve beautiful lines.


It is easy to raise the nose even in the powder area, reducing the possibility of stacking.In addition, the ground trick press can be a tail press that floats the nose with the entire sole of the foot on the snow surface.This stability has several times the performance of camber


It is possible to create enough twists required when performing spin-type ground tricks.This works well for ground tricks.

"DAY MAKER" and "SHINE" are designed with the same concept. "SHINE" has waist and softness set in consideration of female leg strength and foot size.

Let's introduce other models made with the same concept as "DAY MAKER"

image image image image

Let's introduce other models made with the same concept as "SHINE"

image image image image image

I want you to choose your favorite design and performance. Head Snowboards is a skill-up board that we confidently recommend to beginners and intermediates.

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