16-17 model boots "lineup" introduction


head snowboards 16-17 model I would like to introduce the lineup of boots.
The lineup is as shown in the photo.On the same level are models made with the same concept, with the men's model on the left.The right side is the ladies model.
I would like to introduce from above.
"SEVEN BOA" with the highest rider usage rate.Highly waterproof, fit, hold, responsiveness, and functionality are all high-spec finished boots in the world.
It is used by intermediate and above riders who prefer high-speed riding, users who aim to be professional snowboarders, professional snowboarders, and users who are aiming for advanced level in technical fields. It will be a model with the know-how of head snowboards.


"SIX BOA FOCUS" which adopted double BOA only.The upper and lower parts of the boot can be tightened separately by the BOA dial, and it is a highly comfortable model with highly waterproof frequency technology and an ultra-lightweight outsole.Designed to be widely used mainly by intermediate players, it is a model that allows you to cruise the slopes with your friends regardless of the field.It is a model that you can easily enjoy snowboarding.


"FIVE BOA" and "FIVE WMN BOA" are recommended for users who have strong aspirations for snowboarding and want to improve their skills.The high quality inner fits your foot, reduces the risk of injury and provides high performance.The ankle part has adopted the IPS racing function that enhances the holdability unique to the head, and it can be tightened in conjunction with just turning the BOA dial.In addition, a progressive power strap that dramatically enhances performance and hold is mounted around the sneak, wrapping around the calf from the 360 ​​° direction and transmitting the power from the rider to the board without losing it. I can do it.These boots are perfect for users who are fascinated by snowboarding and aim to step up from turn to carving, tricks such as gratri, and park debut.



"THREE BOA" and "THREE WMN BOA" are highly comfortable models for beginners and intermediates who want to enjoy snowboarding casually. A highly comfortable model with a BOA dial, ultra-lightweight sole, and highly waterproof outerwear, it is designed to allow you to enjoy snowboarding casually instead of seeking hard riding.Because it is super lightweight, it is easy to walk and it is hard to get wet, so you can enjoy the time on the snow slowly with the effect of reducing fatigue.The soft inner and FPG insoles are comfortable to wear and work directly to reduce fatigue, allowing you to ride for long periods of time.It has sufficient riding performance for beginners and intermediates.


"ONE BOA", "ONE BOA WMN", "SCOUT PRO BOA" and "GALORE PRO BOA" are boots equipped with the technology that head snowboards needs only for beginners.


"COMFORT CUFF" is a function only for beginners who easily lose their balance and whose basic posture is not fixed.The outside of the boot's outer is slightly higher than the inside.This naturally makes it easier for the center of gravity to gather in the center, making it easier to return to the original position when the balance is lost, improving recovery ability.
This is the technology that head snowboards proposes for beginners that beginners need.
Model equipped with "CONFORT CUFF"


"JR BOA", which is a JR boot from 18.5 cm, and "KIDS VELCLO", which is a KIDS boot from 15.5 cm, each boot comes with two sizes of insoles, and it is designed to be easy to match with the fast growth of JR and KIDS. I am.


The lineup is tailored to various levels and riding styles.
Please find the model that suits you.