14_ Aiming for a manual snowboard that controls everything by yourself "SALOMON / HPS-TAKAHARU NAKAI, DISTRICT-HPS" Takaharu Nakai

★ Overall length: 161 cm
★ Effective edge length: 119cm
★ Waist width: 26.4.cm
★ Size variations: 155, 158cm
★ Price: 99,000 yen

★ Size: S ~ L
★ Color: GREEN × SAND
★ Price: 46,200 yen

What do the “sliding masters” choose from the new gear that will be released this winter?If you listen to the voices of professional riders who use gear more than anyone else, you can imagine the feeling of use more concretely.So, I asked 14 riders why they chose their favorite gear.The fourteenth person is Takaharu Nakai.

"The" GEAR AWARDS "project of the FREE RUN special edition gear catalog has started, and it was the same season that my board came out, and I won the championship four times in a row from the first year to this year.I'm really grateful that many shops chose it.

The board has a long rocker on the nose and a camber near the hind legs, an easy-to-use flex, and the outline is the same as the previous model.However, I had the nose height dropped by about 1 cm to increase the snow contact length by about 1 cm.If the nose is high, the surface that hits the powder is wide and the resistance is large, but by lowering it, the buoyancy is increased, and if the snow contact length is long, the area that simply touches the snow becomes wider, so I think that the sense of stability has improved.Is it easier for the nose to stick?Is it heavy to handle?I didn't feel it at all when I tested it.Also, I asked them to make minor changes such as reducing the insert holes near the nose so that they are as light as possible and the torsion can be used more effectively.I'm 164 cm tall, but I've been riding a lot of 161 lately.It has the same snow contact length as 153 or 155 of a general camber board, so it's easy to handle without feeling the length of the board, and even if it's a little thick, it's soft so it's easy to bend by yourself and it's really easy to handle.I want to do a manual snowboard that does not rely on tools and controls everything by myself.I think it's the perfect board that fits that concept.

The binding is the third work this season.The concept is manual snowboarding with the board. I think it's the softest model in SALOMON.It doesn't hurt to tighten the straps tightly, and thanks to SHADOW FIT, the feeling of moving your legs 3 degrees is really great.Like the previous model, it doesn't have a gas pedal, so you have to be conscious of it when it's hard snow, but the toe edge doesn't get too tight.It's really good to tell the board only the amount of effort you put into it.

For those who want to do freestyle and free riding, and those who want to control everything and improve the quality of sliding, I definitely want them to use it as a set.I'm sure you'll want to play while greedily picking up the terrain while moving sideways, rather than sliding at high speed vertically, and you'll want to pursue deep turns. "

Along with the name of TAKAHARU NAKAI, the signature of Vole Nibert, who works on the HPS board, is also engraved.
If you want to get as close as possible to a slip like Nakai, the shortcut is to use the same tools as him.The amazing thing about this HPS is that you can understand that it is a setup that gives you freedom to slide the moment you get on it.
Photo: Tsutomu Nakata / Play freestyle by taking advantage of the pristine terrain.I think there are many people who yearn for the style that Nakai practices. Hokkaido backcountry
Photo: Tsutomu Nakata / Takaharu Nakai

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