13_ A fun board "ROME SDS / RAVINE SELECT" in the high-speed range that advances like tearing through the snow Takafumi Konishi

★ Overall length: 158 cm
★ Effective edge length: 121.84cm
★ Waist width: 25.76cm
★ Size variations: 152, 155, 162, 166 cm
★ Price: 96,800 yen

What do the “sliding masters” choose from the new gear that will be released this winter?If you listen to the voices of professional riders who use gear more than anyone else, you can imagine the feeling of use more concretely.So, I asked 14 riders why they chose their favorite gear.The thirteenth person is Takafumi Konishi.

"I ride RAVINE SELECT on days when powder and shooting are the main, and NATIONAL on days when I play a lot in the park without powder. I have both buoyancy and carving performance with powder, so it's easy to handle, either. If it's one, it's RAVINE. The structure is a so-called powder rocker with a rocker on the nose and a camber near the hind legs. And the biggest feature is the 1D nose, which is called diamond 3D instead of spoon shape. It's a shape that isn't so good, but it doesn't feel like it's stuck at the start of the turn, and because it's not R, it has excellent straight-line stability. It feels like. It moves smoothly even if it is bumpy. The reason why I chose SELECT even with RAVINE is speed. If you want to do stable carving with bumpy powder at high speed, it is better to have excellent response. Tail There are two carbon omega hot rods in the shape of a C, and the bottom of the hind legs is firm, so the tail is sticky. Moreover, the ollie's repulsion is good. Still, the flex of the board center is not so hard, so it is easy to handle. The length is 3, but if you get lost, Wai chooses a longer one. I'm confident in my leg strength and the longer one can handle the speed. "

Photo: Keiji Tajima / Sliding with light movements without any rugged undulations.The combination of a powerful board and a highly flexible binding supports such a style of Koni. Myoko backcountry, Niigata
Photo: Keiji Tajima / The area around the nose of Koni has a diamond 3D shape.