[22-23 continuation model] FOUR BOA LF that enables highly flexible riding!Double bore allows partial tightening.

With excellent fitting and flexible movement, it enables riding with a high degree of freedom.
This pair is recommended for riders who want stylish movements.


Adopted a double BOA system that enables partial tightening of the upper part and instep part of the boot.
By adopting TX lace, it is softer than conventional wire cables
One of the features is that it has a natural feel.
In addition, the BOA®︎ FOCUS system is used as the overall hold.

It is a specification that firmly holds around the ankle, which tends to be insufficient with double BOA.




Liquid Fit Gel is a 100% flexible paraffin-based material.
Injectable into a Liquid Fit compatible liner, it automatically adjusts to your individual foot shape for comfort and a premium fit.
It is also attractive that Liquid Fit Gel can be added or extracted from the inner boot as needed.



The inner material is EVA, which is molded into your own foot shape the more you wear it.
Also in technology liquid fit that can be customized to individual feet with a special liquid material around the ankle
Yes.The sole part has shock absorbing power and a firm grip to improve the fitting with the binding.It combines excellent fitting with flexibility, and always enables soft riding.
A stylish trick in the park and a big benefit when riding powder.

FOUR BOA liquid fit processing is possibleClick here for Liquid Fit Station ↓
* Liquid Fit gel injection is an optional process, and a processing fee will be charged at each station.
The processing fee is not included in the boot body.


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