Chartered jib camp will be held on Saturday, November 11th

This weekend Saturday is SNOVA Mizonokuchi's jib camp with a monthly pipe charter!

Install jib items such as BOX on the bottom of the pipe and practice secretly!This lesson!

Tagken class is also the last this month!It's already season in!

There is also a side lip in the box, so we are waiting for those who can not get the knack of inn from the side lip yet!There isn't an environment where you can concentrate and practice after the season starts!

I don't know the exact installation item yet, but I will install it like this picture!The small BOX on the right may be a XNUMX meter mini rail.

Those who participate in this camp every month have improved considerably even though it is once a month, their skills have increased, and the tricks have become more stable!After all everything continues!Well, of course I think I'm slipping outside of this lesson!When I meet again after the season, I am surprised that I am improving my skills in the mountains!

A video clinic will be held on the TV monitor in the room during the lesson, so I think it's a good opportunity to review your own slipping habits.

Tagken class has a capacity of XNUMX people, so thank you!

For receptions and inquiries, please contact SNOVA Mizonokuchi directly by phone!

Details can also be found on the SNOVA homepage.