1/10 (sat) FUN BOX JAM will be held!

FUN BOX JAM !!! to be held on 1/10 (Sat) this weekend !!!
With the support of Marasaki Sports, we will have a session in the name Touri FUN BOX!
Anyone with experience in Park can enjoy it!
The best 3 of Men's Girl's are gorgeous prizes! !!
We will also hold a Marubatsu quiz where all the participants have a chance to get a gorgeous prize!
Let's participate and have fun while having a session together ☆...After the event, we will have an after party at Dining & Bar “Huckle Berry”!
In the store, the DJ will listen to the good sound while showing the snowboard movie on the screen!
Admission is free and anyone can enter, so let's enjoy watching the video ☆

1/10 (Sat) FUN BOX JAM Special course will be open from 10:00 to 12:00 on the day of FUN BOX JAM!
If you are a little worried or want to practice, please check it out!
Entry is accepted at the FUN BOX JAM special venue tent on the day from 17:00 to 17:45 PM.
We look forward to your participation! !! !! !!


The ultimate short access of 1 minute from the IC is convenient! 26 diverse courses and extensive facilities are popular!The snow park in the Maiko area has been renewed OPEN !!! MAIKO SNOW PARK “GARDEN”   Official Web