October novel jump lesson

I will have a jump lesson at Novel Mountain Park in October.Those who want to learn new tricks, those who want to be able to jump higher by jumping, those who want to overcome weak tricks, etc., will give detailed guidance so that each can achieve their own goals, gain confidence, snowboard It is a lesson that you can work on while conveying the fun, so thank you! ️
⚪️ Place

Novel Mountain Park

499-1 Bankei, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido (formerly Koba World Ski Resort)

⚪️ October lesson day
October 10st (Sunday), October 1rd (Tuesday), October 10th (Sunday), October 3st (Tuesday)

Lesson 1 16: 45-18: 45
Lesson 2 19: 21-XNUMX: XNUMX

(Sunday lessons only, 13 hours from 45:15 to 45:2)

⚪️ Participation fee
Lesson fee

1 session Elementary school student, junior high school student 3000 yen

1 session High school students and above 4000 yen

(Gliding fee will be charged separately.)
11 times ticket Elementary school students, junior high school students and above 30000 yen
11 times ticket High school students and above 40000 yen

⚪️ Capacity 6 people per lesson

⚪️ Coach Daisuke Murakami

To apply, use my Facebook message or d05182003@yahoo.co.jp
Please contact us.
If you would like to participate, please fill in the necessary information at the email address below and send it.

1 Desired date of participation 2 Name 3 Gender 4 Age 5 Snowboarding history 6 Phone number (mobile) 7 Email address 8 What you want to learn in this lesson (enthusiasm, etc.)

Thanking you in advance.