01_ Boots that are too good to fit the feet I finally found "DEELUXE / AREth RIN" Makoto Masuda

★ Size: 22.5 to 28.5 cm (thermo inner), 22 to 29 cm (thermo inner light)
★ Price: 59,400 yen (thermo inner), 56,100 yen (thermo inner light)

What do the “sliding masters” choose from the new gear that will be released this winter?If you listen to the voices of professional riders who use gear more than anyone else, you can imagine the feeling of use more concretely.So, I asked 14 riders why they chose their favorite gear.The first is Riki Masuda.

"When I was looking for boots that fit my feet all the time, RIN, who was asked by AREth's Bancho (Mitsuhiro Nagasaka)," Do you want to wear them? "It's already the third season.Some people say that these boots are too soft.However, you can adjust the tightening condition in various places, such as the string for the whole, BOA for the ankle, and the power belt for the sneaker part, and it will be a flex from super soft to medium hard.If you tighten it loosely, you can even do a snowboard.It's really easy to climb the mountain.If you tighten the ankle and power belt tightly, you will feel a sense of security, but rather you can move your legs freely and the reaction is very good, so it feels like snow pressure, powder, parks, whatever.I also like the thermo-inner that can be burned into your last.Right now I'm trying out two types of non-inner guys that can be selected with RIN, but this one is in great shape again.Also, the material of BOA's lace, the position to pass it through, the position of the seams, etc. are changed, and it is updated every year.I want the tongue to be a little thicker so that it doesn't fall too far forward and the ankles don't squeak, or I want you to make a slit to make it easier to walk so that it bends a little backward. I'm giving feedback to Mr.And after all it's cool.I've been looking for cool gear since I was a kid, so I really like that too! "

Photo: Tsutomu Endo / Ruiki, wearing boots that give her feet freedom and security, flew comfortably in the air. Hakuba backcountry, Nagano
Photo: Tsutomu Endo / Ruiki Masuda

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