Rain ⇒ Cloudy ⇒ Heavy rain ⇒ What will happen after this? !!

Today's temperature is plus 3 degrees Celsius even at the top of the mountain!The rain became cloudy and heavy, and now the temperature is gradually cooling down.Tomorrow is the forecast for snow and strong winds.If you are planning to go out tomorrow, please check the information on the homepage.It was a rainy slope, but everyone enjoyed their first skiing.Don't catch a cold!Come on!What it will be?The weather after this ...



[This is the course profile as of December 2015, 12 (Thursday). ]
[Snow cover] Natural snowfall 30CM
[Operating lift] Gondola lift: 8:30 to 15:45 (last descent) * It will be a descent in the gondola.
        2nd Quad Lift: 8: 45-15: 30
[Sliding course] Upper part of Rainbow 3500 (1,100m gentle slope)
[Access road] Snow cover / compressed snow * Please go out with winter equipment or use the pick-up parking lot (reservation required).