It's my birthday, Asaga! !! !!

May XNUMX, XNUMX! !! !! !!
I've safely reached my birthday even at local time ~~! !! !!
I'm XNUMX years old ~~! !!
I started snowboarding in earnest
After school in high school, I go to Snova Mizonokuchi every day
Hitchhiking to snowboard
I met Mumon's father and mother
It's been XNUMX years since I was XNUMX!
The living environment has changed with high school students, college students, and working people.
After all, I like snowboarding ~~! !!
The spirit, body, knowledge, and experience gained in the last XNUMX years are a treasure trove. ..
There are tons of abilities I want to gain! !!
There are tons of worlds I want to see more! !!
I want to meet a lot of myself that I haven't seen yet! !!Lol
Even XNUMX years old will rush into a unique style that only snowboarder Shinpei Asaga can do! !! !! !! !!
And, in pursuit of interesting things with everyone by your side, spend the best XNUMX second XNUMX minute XNUMX hour XNUMX day! !! !!
I love my friends, girlfriends, family, fans, and sponsors who are always with me! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
Finally! !!
Kenichiro Yanagita who took this picture! !! !!
Yanagita is the only one who can take me XNUMX% more handsome! !!
The snowboard also gladly ignored gravity and stood up yo! !!Lol
Oh, by the way, it seems that TDJ poses are all the rage in Japan, is that true? ?? ?? ??4H2A4613