I went to Misaka

I went to Misaka from last Monday to Sunday ~ ♪
 This time I went with Nakai and Fumio, and from the next day Takahiro Ishida, Takumi Suzuki, and the Shota brothers also came and stayed at a nearby guest house with XNUMX people and it was like a training camp lol
 Misaka's pipes are also beautiful and everyoneI was blown away ~↑↑ Especially Nakai and Fumio said that it's been a long time since they did pipes, but it was ridiculous from the first day.Kohei seems to have come from last week and was still good.
 But it's been a long timeIt was really fun to slide with everyone ~

I took a picture with all the digger people in Misaka.Thank you so much for always letting me fly a beautiful pipe ↑↑

Only one day off, Nakai, Fumio, Shota, Ishi-chan, Iona-san, Misaka's Digger Yasushi and XNUMX peopleI went to Fuji-Q ~ ♪
 Moreover, the weather was very nice on this day and there weren't many people so I enjoyed it ~ ☆

Nakai, Fumio, Shota before riding Mt. Fuji
 For me, this Mt. Fuji was the most interesting of all the vehicles ♪

This photo is so awesome lol
 It's a little hard to see, but from the left, Nakai, Yasushi, Fumio, Ishi-chan

I saw Mt. Fuji on the way to Fujikyu, so I took it ~ ☆