It's getting cold. .. .. ..

It's getting colder, is not it? .. ..

I'm in Nagano now! !! !!

I am staying in Nagano and practicing at Obuse Quest.

Yes, to master 1440 °! !!

The road is steep, but the motivation and heat are not good!

Stay tuned for more details on 1440 °!

So let's look back on the past events so much in the latest status report! !!

The other day, I went to see Numazu with my college friends.

Working while studying under Mr. Kobayashi, a demon sergeant at ICE TUNE FACTORY ~ ~

I went to the sponsor Rosbacher's company and had a meeting ~ ~

This photo is refreshing level odd w

Training at BALTRAINER ~~
(Next door, Ino-kun and his dog Sosuke)

To work with Mr. Nakamoto (HEAVEN STORE owner) who is too black for XNUMX consecutive days

I went to a certain place ~~~! !!

After all, the companion of the drive is Rosbacher! !! !!

Take lessons ~~

I went to HAKATA with the locals ~~~! !! !!

It was fun. .. .. .. ..

From here, I will do my best to practice the demons for the season! !! !! !!