The continuation of the last time is completely refreshing w

The contract with the manufacturer is still in progress, but I have to do snowboarding in July! !!

So that

I bought a pass and I'm slipping hard though it's irregular!

Let's slip when we meet! !!

And Shinpei Asaga has started Camp 2014 without permission ~~~! !!

Yes.It smells like a man. .. .. ..

I made a video of the day! !!

It's been a hot day! !!

It's still hot after slipping. ..

I wonder if the day will come when female participants will come ~~

I will do the second one soon, so thank you! !!

No, it's amazing. ..

The snowboarder will put out the book. ..

So I can't help reading it. ..

Purchase! !

It was very interesting and I read it in a day.

I think snowboarders should definitely read it.

I wonder if no one is bothered!

And finally. .. .. ..

I went to the original New Tan Tan Men Honpo, which I always wanted to visit! !!

was delicious. ..

I want to eat again ~~

Today is ramen.

Let's look back on the season in the next blog! !! !!