Our seven-day midnight war! by toolatefilm Planning start!

2017 FREERUN October issue The crew "toolatefilm" based in Hakodate, Hokkaido, which was introduced on 10 pages in this magazine.Most of them are ordinary snowboarders who are working adults, have a family, and have children.In order to convey the culture of the Hakodate area, where there is little snow in Hokkaido, it is a group that has finished work and is living a lifestyle of urban snowboarding with a generator and a shovel in the middle of the night.

At the beginning of December, a story about an interesting project arrived from such a toolate film.The content was to keep their movements in close contact with the cameraman for a week, follow the process from spot selection to gathering, shooting, and dissolution in a documentary, set a schedule of "12 days (one week)", and create content. ..

"It rarely snows this much in this area from November to December, and it melts quickly, so let's do it before it melts. We have work and home, so like other snowboard crews. I can't take a few days of shooting trips together, so I thought I'd shoot without sleeping for this precious snowy week.
It's a waste of time to kick out and move to the spot.We will keep in close contact with the crew group LINE and shoot efficiently and earnestly at midnight. "
Mr. Horio, the representative, talked about his feelings, and finally “I'll bite you for a week without sleeping!” From 12/12 (Tuesday), the midnight war was started for seven days.

What and how much did they leave in the past week?
What did you see after facing the snowboard?

This pattern will be featured on SBN FREERUN (WEB) in two parts, next week? (Part 2) and next week (second part), and will be presented with photos, videos and their realistic words.

looking forward to!