Introducing Joetsu Shirayuki Esthe ☆

I went to the Shirayuki beauty treatment salon in Joetsu.

Hair loss still doesn't hurt at all
It was over soon.

It's perfect for busy and troublesome people, isn't it?

I got acai juice.

Helps muscles work and regenerate and improves concentration.

Acai berries contain essential nutrients, essential amino acids and trace minerals that are essential to the body's production.
The nutrients contained in these acai berries are important for proper muscle contraction and muscle regeneration.
Theobromine, a trace element, is a bittersweet scent component peculiar to cacao beans, and has the effect of supporting concentration, thinking, and relaxing.

At Shirayuki Esthe, in addition to hair removal, we also do massage and diet related things.
Please come and visit us?

Thank you, Mr. Shirayuki (^ ^)?