Had a meeting

Today, we had a meeting with all the FC members (members in Nagano who are gathering together).
The contents are roughly
"What's to come"

The earthquake, snowboarding, our future.We talked about various things.

I regret that there were many parts that I couldn't write when I reread the previous blog.

That is not something like wanting to make a leap forward with positive energy.

A few days after the day of the great earthquake, various problems such as gasoline, electric power, and stocks have come up.
If you ignore them and force the event as a charity, it is just a masturbation of the organizer.The end of the book falls.

At present, even if individuals send things, they are not effectively distributed, and poor volunteers are just annoying to go, so they are not ready to receive assistance yet.
I used to see that information on Twitter and other sources many times.

I'm just
"Effectively and promptly provide appropriate assistance at the right time and situation (ready to accept)."
I intend to make a statement based on.
On top of that, I talk in my work environment.

If possible, I would like the readers to think about it by replacing it with their own work and living environment.

For many who read this, I think snowboarding is a hobby.
But for me it's a job.
Just as a food company helps food, an apparel company sends clothes, I think it's better to help with my own work.

Even under these circumstances, I think that many people (Western Japan, especially those far from the disaster area) go to work regardless of the atmosphere.
But I think that's fine.Working indirectly helps the local community.

If there is no one to help, few will be saved.

That's why I want you to make the best use of the environment and help effectively, whether it's the company you work for or your close friends in the circle, and I hope that you will become aware of it.

Personal fundraising is another matter, and I want to do it, and I have already raised money.I want everyone to do it.
But that is just my personal affair as Masaya Arai.
As far as I write here (blog), I think that it is a professional snowboarder chocolate vanilla ball Arai.

Oh, did you miss the story?
No, I haven't deviated.

Anyway, we had a lot of discussions including such things.
For example, if you hold an event a month later, it takes time to think about the event from scratch.I think the time to complete the content of the project will be quite tight.

Furthermore, for example, if the system for accepting aid is ready in a month, it is better to be in the planning stage than to start planning at that time.

Meanwhile, I asked people who are moving quickly in that area to be told on blogs and so on.

One is the blog on this SBN
"Where is the Bunny? Blog"

The other is from the blog of my friend Keiji Okamoto.

I LOVE SNOW official page

The URL is reprinted without permission, but please forgive the site owner.

I'm collecting snowwear, but maybe even if I send it right away, will it reach the victims?I have some doubts, but if you can collect them and hand them over at the timing when the locals can accept them, I think you can collect as many as you can now.

Furthermore, I'm not a rescue professional in this situation, so I think it's easy to get people to use it for various purposes.

Donation window of the Japanese Red Cross Society

Fundraising information summary

So many places are trying to help in various ways.
I would like to entrust it to a professional on the road as much as possible so that I can provide effective assistance! !!

If we also think about charity, that is very important! !!
It's our job to put together the power to make it easy to reach everyone who is connected by snowboarding.
Entrust it to a professional who carries it to the site.

Isn't that what each "can do"?It would be great if each of us could speed up our work and speed up the reconstruction! !!

Anyway, it's hard to write, but I was talking about it.

By the way, as another topic, our future is ...
How to work in the spring season.
Of course I will shoot.However, I will do my best while thinking about various things that I do not usually think about shooting!

This disaster is a big blow to people in every industry.
But when I survive this pinch, I think I'm stronger than I am.
That is why I want to do my best!When I survive, I mean, I will survive!
Let's survive!
Let's move!
with everyone! !!