Family snowboarding STORY to ask dad & mom snowboarders! by Michiyo Hashimoto 1st: Misa Honda & Family (Part XNUMX)

Family snowboarding STORY to ask dad & mom snowboarders!
by Michiyo Hashimoto
Part 1: Misa Honda & Family (Part XNUMX)
~ Thanks for Misa's efforts ~

This year's Mother's Day: Misa & Mama
This year's Mother's Day: Misa & Mama
I met Misa in the 4th grade of elementary school, Kirara camp in Yanaba.
In pink wearWrap yourself, jump very well,
Misa was like a pink rabbit ^^
After graduating from Kirara, he obtained the JSBA official professional qualification (half pipe) when he was in the third year of junior high school in 2008.
In 2011 and 2013, he participated in the FIS Snowboard Junior World Championships and won 4th place.
In recent years, he has expanded his activities to include technical, banked slalom, and snowboard cross.
March 2018 Won 3rd place at the 25th JSBA All Japan Snowboard Technical Championship.
The other day, I was certified as a 17th JSBA official demonstrator!
We would like to talk to the mother who supported Misa's success, commonly known as Misa Mama.

Congratulations on your great success!How does it look in your mom's eyes?

Mama:I don't know if each and every thing I did was right while I was snowboarding (laughs).Recently, when I think about myself, decide, and see her doing her own activities, I think that I've gained what I've done so far, so I sometimes feel like I'm back there again. ..I think the rails I drew when I was a kid were difficult for him, but I'm glad that he is now using it.
I'm glad that I've been working from halfpipe to a wider range of disciplines regardless of genre, that I'm still a player at my own will, and that I've arrived at my current location after various times.
Choose the people involved, and think about how to play an active role in snowboarding by being stimulated and influenced by many people.

What kind of road has she taken so far, where the various things she has accumulated so far have blossomed and the only one flower that is different from anyone else has bloomed?
I've been talking to you since I was in elementary school.

: What made you start snowboarding?

Mama:Both my husband and I used to ski as a hobby when we were single, but after we got married, we were completely away from our busy life.
When I tried skiing for the first time in the winter of the first grade of elementary school, I was so happy that I was completely addicted to it and it became a common pleasure for my family.
At that time, partly due to the influence of my dad who was snowboarding, I kept being told "I want to snowboard!" And promised "If you practice skiing properly for one season, you can start snowboarding" with me from June. We started snowboarding together at Saus (* LaLaport Ski Dome Saus)!After that, I practiced snowboarding while attending Saus's school until winter, and in the winter of my second year of elementary school, I made my debut in the snowy mountains at Maiko (* Maiko Resort)!

Snowboard debut with family in the winter of the second grade of elementary school (Maiko Resort)
Snowboard debut with family in the winter of the second grade of elementary school (Maiko Resort)

What made snowboarding change from leisure to competition?

Mama:At first, I used to snowboard as a family leisure activity, but the reason for the change to competition was the closure of Saus.I was in a state of Los Saus with my family, but with the introduction of a teacher at Saus School, I decided to go to Snova Mizonokuchi (* Snova Mizonokuchi-R246).
Snova Mizonokuchi has a lot of kids lessons such as half pipe, one make, and basic, and I had the opportunity to challenge the badge test, so I got up to JSBA 1st grade.Seeing that I was taking the badge test, it seemed that I wanted to take Misa too, so I started aiming for the badge test.
Also, by going to Snova Mizonokuchi, I was able to connect with family snowboarders, exchange information during my child's lessons, and learn about Kirara Camp there.The world of snowboarding has expanded dramatically, including badge tests, camping, and competitions.

At Kirara Camp
At Kirara Camp INDY PARK

Hashimoto:Snova Mizonokuchi, where you can practice every day, make friends, and collect information, changed your consciousness from leisure to competition!What was your first tournament?

Mama:Starting from the Snowboard Mizonokuchi tournament when he was in the 2th grade of elementary school, he participated in the JSBA All Japan Snowboard Championship Kanto area tournament with the Snowboard Mizonokuchi team.He was ranked XNUMXnd in the Halfpipe Youth Women's category, advanced to All Japan, and for the first time, All Japan was XNUMXth.
From this time onward, I met the children who are working together at the FIS competition and SAJ strengthening players, and worked hard together.My goal was to win the All Japan Youth Girls and get a professional qualification as a general girl.

Hashimoto:I have the impression that ballet was also working hard.Is it okay to ask about the balance with other lessons and other lessons?

Mama:Ballet (2 days a week), Piano (once a week), School (twice a week), Snowboarding (practice from 1:2 to 20:23 on weekdays XNUMX days a week) Snova Mizonokuchi supports you as a kids player. He also introduced the environment where you can practice lessons and practice while being compatible with the school, and the sponsors.I think I was able to do my best because I always had great support.

Only when I was working hard on ballet practice
Ballet that I had been doing before I started snowboarding

What was the hardest part of supporting your child's snowboarding when you were in elementary school?

Mama:At first, I only had to go back and forth between Maiko, but now that I'm in the competition, I've been to various ski resorts, and my life has changed completely.I couldn't drive on a snowy road, so it was difficult for us to carry our luggage on our backs and travel by train or bus.It's also about health.I practiced more and more at night in Snowva, and even made lunch boxes for dinner.

Hashimoto: Many people go snowboarding with their families when they were in elementary school. What was the good thing about snowboarding with your children when you were in elementary school?

Mama:Snowboarding, which I started as a leisure activity, has become a sport, but it was great that she worked hard with her own goals and that she and her family were able to work toward the same goals together.

Hashimoto:The story changes, but please tell us about your first overseas snowboarding.

Mama:This is the "Hika American Kids Session" held in the summer of the sixth grade of elementary school in 2005.Mr. Inokari of the High Cascade Camp planned it, and with Micchan's lead, I participated with Mimosa Murai and Ryomasa Takahashi, who are still good friends.In the winter of that year, I went to Whistler with me.
It was a trip planned by Micchan, and Raibu Katayama was with me.I was able to skate with Tadashi Fuse on a world-scale mountain called Wisler, and I had never thought about snowboarding overseas, so I had a really good experience.
I think that the experience of living together and practicing with various people overseas has fostered the fun and playfulness of snowboarding, independence and a spirit of challenge, in addition to being shy and reluctant.It is thanks to this experience that I am now practicing abroad normally while living together and cooking for myself.

Haika American Kids Session that participated in the summer of the sixth grade of elementary school
Haika American Kids Session that participated in the summer of the sixth grade of elementary school

Hashimoto:Next, please tell us about your junior high school and high school days.
In junior high school, there are many people who quit snowboarding because club activities have started or they have to take an examination.How was it when you were in middle school?

Mama:I already had the goal of becoming a professional when I was in elementary school, so I was busy with school and snowboarding every day.But in the first year of junior high school, I broke my jaw and was hospitalized for a month for surgery.
That season I decided to give up all the tournaments.
It was very difficult for him because it was just before the important tournament, but he finally achieved the goal of winning the youth girls in the winter of the second year of junior high school, and in the third year of junior high school the following year, he obtained the JSBA official professional qualification.
I think it was a very difficult experience, but I was able to take a break from snowboarding for the first time and think about various things, and with the advice of Professor Tsutsumi of Snova Mizonokuchi, I was able to practice the basics again and challenge the technical championships, etc. I think so.

Hashimoto:Speaking of junior high school and high school, taking an examination.Speaking of taking an examination, it is winter.I think it's important for everyone to have a lot of headaches, but how did you take the junior high school exam?

Mama:For the junior high school exam, we have been collecting information since the spring of junior high school XNUMX.After getting the professional qualification, I was thinking about activities not only for PSA professional games but also for FIS competitions, and I knew that I would be busy, so I searched for a high school that I understood.While collecting information centered on high school information, I went to various school information sessions.
By then, I went to the school every year to make materials and ask them to take a break from the tournament expedition, but at first there were places where the teachers and the school did not understand the activities.It was difficult to explain that snowboarding is a sporting event, as there are generally few families skiing or snowboarding in the area.
In junior high school, the number of days absent is related to going on to high school, but because it is a "sport that is not in club activities," the treatment of absenteeism, such as a club activity match expedition, was not accepted at first.
However, as I came to all Japan and had more opportunities to be commended, I was able to see information on the Internet and gradually gained understanding, and commended in front of all the students at the school morning assembly. The absence of the tournament is now treated as a public holiday, and on the contrary, they are supported.
Thanks to snowboarding, the high school was recommended to enroll in Nikaido High School attached to Japan Women's College of Physical Education as a "sports scholarship student", and I was able to support my usual practice and competition while listening to the situation. ..

JSBA All Japan Youth Championship in the second year of junior high school, acquired professional qualification the following year
JSBA All Japan Youth Championship in the second year of junior high school, acquired professional qualification the following year

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