Freely powder and slope, FAT twin board proposed by Rider Ryumi “TAZ” Eiichi




SURGE EVOLVE where the rider designs and sells the product himself.All the snowboarders that have been thought out to enable the riding they envision have their own unique characteristics.
This “MUSICadlib” is a super fat board as you can see. The length is 149 cm and the waist is 271 mm.Generally, the wider the width, the better the stability and buoyancy, but in many cases, the operability is disadvantageous.However, MUSIC adlib has a special structure and shape to eliminate its disadvantages, and by finely balancing the flex, it creates a ride that does not make you feel the thickness.
By changing the balance between width and flex at the nose, center and tail and each position, a sharp ride and a sense of stability that cannot be imagined from the board width are realized. It is not "only for powder because it is thick", but it is made with careful consideration of free running on the slopes and operability in the terrain.
The width of the board has the characteristics of a twin powder board, and the stance hole is arranged with an emphasis on setback.I hope you will get on this board and use your imagination to the fullest to enjoy tricks and free riding.

Price_ ¥ 76,000 (excluding tax)