A glimpse of the particular ELECTRIC lens

_img_7259 Electric was born in San Clemente, California, USA in 2000.We have released many high quality products that enhance the active LIFE STYLE.In the development, we do not compromise and finish the product with a commitment that considers the user's position.And today, we have a wide range of items such as goggles, sunglasses, watches, backpacks, and apparel.As the range of brands expands, the evolution of goggles, which can be said to be the origin of ELECTRIC, which specializes in performance and design, never stops, producing many sophisticated gems.Especially for lenses, I am working on development with a strong commitment.In order for snowboarders to enjoy comfortable gliding, ELECTRIC lenses propose four types of technology to cover all weather and are attached to each goggles.

In this article, we will focus on the four commitments of ELECTRIC snow goggles.

Very easy to attach the lens.Blocks snow, water and sweat

The patent-pending "Press Seal Technology" is characterized by its easy lens replacement.The fact that you can easily change the lens may make you a little worried that sweat or water droplets may get on your face during snowfall, precipitation, but you don't have to worry about it at all. This epoch-making technique "Press Seal Technology", which ELECTRIC has completed over many years, has an unprecedented interface, and its simple construction does not require magnets, levers, complicated gimmicks, etc. ..By simply fitting the edge of the lens into the groove of the frame, it was completely sealed and succeeded in completely blocking snow and water from the outside.


Three different lens shapes that are functionally superior

ELECTRIC has three different lens types that are technically and functionally superior.
Injection-molded flat lens using press seal technology that allows easy lens replacement. Optically superior polycarbonate is used for all flat and spherical lenses that have undergone injection molding, including the "EGX" series.It also incorporates eccentric processing to make the object look clearer.

* Injection molding = A technique in which a plastic material is heated and melted, pressure-injected into a mold, and solidified to form a mold.injection molding
* Polycarbonate = the material with the highest heat resistance and impact resistance among plastics
* Eccentric processing = making an invisible step on the lens surface

The three lenses below are the excellent lens shapes that ELECTRIC is proud of.

Beautiful rounded spherical lens
A spherical lens with a rounded injection mold that curves up, down, left and right.The peripheral vision is clearly and clearly reflected, and its optically accurate and excellent lens shape has high quality.


Flat lens that promises a clear field of view
A flat lens that combines injection molding and a classic design, flat from the center to the top and bottom and curved to the left and right.A lens that boasts a wide field of view by removing distortion in the periphery to create a clearer field of view.


Lightweight and thin thermo-type flat lens
Lightweight and thin with a conventional lens structure that does not use injection molding.The thermo-type flat lens, which is flat from the center to the top and bottom and curved from side to side, has a classic design element, but has excellent flexibility and fit.

Covers all weather with 5 types of lens burrs

In snowy mountains, a lens that adjusts the wavelength and amount of light to make it easier for the human eye to recognize shadows is called a CONTRAST LENSES. At ELECTRIC, five types of high-quality lenses using this CONTRAST LENSES cover all weather conditions: sunny, lightly cloudy, cloudy, and snowy.
The base BROSE adjusts the wavelength and intensity of the light that passes through the lens according to its use on snow.The lens color is based on pink x yellow, and we are pursuing the ratio of the highest contrast.In addition, it has a thin lens color and a chrome coating that blocks glare so that it can handle the amount of light.
Furthermore, by applying silver, blue, gold, and red to the chrome coating on the lens that uses the BROSE function, the characteristics and usability of each color will differ, and the appearance and effect on snow will also change.Therefore, it is possible to select a lens that suits the purpose of the slipper, from a sunny day without clouds to bad weather such as cloudy weather and snowfall.

Japan lens for Japanese.Visibility ... Good!

ELECTRIC has Japan's unique "JAPAN LENSES" with three different lenses, which was developed by considering the weather conditions of Japan and the pigments of the Japanese eye.
First of all, there is one model with a silver chrome coating based on a clear color with high visible light transmittance.There are two models with a chrome coating on gold and red based on gray, which also has high visible light transmittance.
Clear color x silver color lenses that are highly functional and can be used in fine weather, light cloudiness, cloudy weather, snow, and nighttime.It has a gray color x gold color and a gray color x red color corresponding to fine weather, light cloudiness, cloudiness, and snow.The color of the appearance is also vivid and cool, and the color density is such that you will not feel embarrassed when you see the line of sight to others.
It looks like the naked eye in any weather, and the stress-free field of vision expands in front of you from the moment you put on your goggles.

In snowboarding, snow goggles that keep a stress-free view in any condition are an absolute requirement for the best performance.Snow goggles with various latest technologies such as ELECTRIC introduced in this article will surely be an item that will raise your level more than ever.
By all means, let's enjoy the snow life by choosing goggles without a doubt this season.