Fashionable from your feet. I went to the TOMS exhibition


I went to the new TOMS exhibition that will be released this fall and winter.
TOMS is a shoe company that started in 2006 and is famous for slip-ons.Recently, I often see people wearing them even in the city, so I think some people may know them.

Standard slip-on.GOOD is a fashionable place where you can wear it comfortably.It doesn't matter if you step on your heels.

It's one of my favorite shoe brands, and I'm excited to see what kind of lineup will be released.The first thing I saw was finally!This is the one that made me lean forward.Waterproof WOMEN'S winter boots.

VISTA_ waterproof suede w / faus shearing_DESERT TAUPE (left) BLACK (right)

Waterproof is the first appearance even if there are boots so far.When considering the use of snowy mountains, I'm really worried about whether or not it is waterproof.The sole is also thick, so it's a very nice new work.

SEASONAL CLASSIC_ sweater knit w / faux shearling_BIRCH (left) BLACK (right)

Fall / winter slip-ons with a knit upper and boa lining.I fell in love with this model, which looks warm.It's easy to wear, so it might be a good idea to put a pair in the car.

SEASONAL CLASSIC_ sequin boucle_BLACK (left) NAUTICAL BLUE (right)
SEASONAL CLASSIC_ wool w / faux shearling_TOFFEE (left) DRIZZLE (middle) BLACK (right)

A model using a boa upper (top) and a wool upper x boa lining (bottom).In addition, items full of texture that are perfect for autumn and winter, such as models using suede, were lined up.

6Men's line with astringent colors. TOMS's first all-leather sneakers will also be released.


TOMS has also released a backline.This small backpack is a must-have item. Available in 3 colors. We also have a lineup of vertical totes that can fit A4 completely, and totes that are quite big and can easily hold luggage.In addition to this, new works including shoes will be announced, so please check it out.TOMS official website

8"VEGAN COLLECTION" that does not use any animal-derived materials.It seems that needs are increasing in Japan as well, and the lineup is increasing.It is also recommended for those who do not want to use animal-derived products as much as possible.

A pin batch that represents GIVING PROGRAM. GIVE SHOES = shoes support, GIVE SIGHT = visual recovery support, GIVE SAFE BIRTH = safe childbirth support, GIVE WATER SAFE = safe water support, GIVE KINDNESS = support for young people, GIVE TIME = area without electricity Light support

TOMS has been implementing a giving program called One for One since its inception.
The content is that if you buy a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes will be given to children who need them.Currently, we have released eyewear and bags, and each has a One for One project.

What is TOMS One for One?

It's still hot in August, but why don't you choose the items for your feet in the fall and winter and start preparing little by little?

by mk