[21-22 New model] DCT and DCT 2.0 improve performance!


Raise your riding performance,
To realize free operability
Designed shape
With hybrid camber DCT
Hybrid camber DCT 2.0.
What is the difference between the two !?

With a wide flat section
Maximum increase in snow contact points

With the snow surface
Maintain good contact and
Control the entire board
To the maximum!

Edge catch

Less designed

Grand trick
Have fun
Faster level up
To aim!

Nose & tail part

Weight saving

Minimize blurring
Increase agility!

DCT and DCT 2.0
What is the difference between the two shapes !?

Ideal for riders aiming for the next level!
Hybrid camber DCT 2.0

Ideal for riders aiming for the next level.The well-calculated shape design firmly supports your riding style.It covers everything from "play" riding with ground tricks and terrain to powerful turn tricks.



Free control performance even for beginners!
Hybrid camber DCT

The perfect shape for riders looking for an all-mountain board that is fun to ride.
When sliding slowly, it provides a comfortable operation feeling that gives priority to playfulness, and when riding at high speed, it demonstrates accurate and outstanding control performance.