[First slip] Start!The 2nd quad can slide 1,100m.

The 2016 season has begun.We started from the 2nd quad lift (upper part of Rainbow 3,500).
How was your first slip-in foot break-in?The second quad is a gentle slope that spreads over the "Deco flat".It will be a round trip by gondola lift.

On the center course (snowmaking machine equipped, 2,000m), snowmaking is continuing at a rapid pace.
As soon as the amount of snow on the slopes is complete, we will gradually expand the gliding space, so please wait.
[Course profile from November 2015, 11 (Monday). ]
[Snow cover] Natural snowfall 30 to 50 CM
[Operating lift] Gondola lift: 8:30 to 15:45 (last descent) * It will be a descent in the gondola.
2nd Quad Lift: 8: 45-15: 30
[Sliding course] Upper part of Rainbow 3500 (1,100m gentle slope)
[Access road] Snow cover / compressed snow * Please go out with winter equipment or use the pick-up parking (December 12st-reservation required).

[2016 Opening Campaign Information]
11月30日(月)~12月6日(日)までの7日間、現地グランデコスノーリゾートのチケットカウンターで、【初すべり1日券】大人4,100円、マスター3,600円、小中学生3,100円を当日ご購入頂くと⇒ 【2015年12月7日(月)~2015年12月31日(木)有効の「リフト1日券」】をプレゼント致します。

* The restaurants will be the gondola mountaintop "Bunabuna", the ski center "Cafeteria Urabandai", and the Hotel Grandeco restaurant.
* "Sledding" cannot be boarded on the gondola lift, but we will prepare a "sledding playground" in front of the ski center.
* Regarding the use of "Snowmoto" and "Snowscoot", please note that the access from the foot of the mountain will be a gondola lift, so if it does not fit in the width of the gondola carrier, it may be disassembled or you may not be able to use it. Please.151130-2