♀️ Two female trips ⛩ Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture

Two women traveling

In Matsushima, Miyagi prefecture, not snowboarding

It made me think about the Great East Japan Earthquake seven years ago.


This is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan,

I visited for the first time,

The word "beautiful scenery of Japan" that impressed me was perfect.




Certainly the scars of the great earthquake still remained,

I felt good energy in Matsushima (˘˘)

Because it is an area with such a beautiful view

I wanted you to continue to develop!



I myself at the time of the great earthquake


It was when I was driving in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.

I will talk about this again in the final part of this two-woman trip.


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Two women traveling Miyagi prefecture Matsushima edition