The first day of Interstyle!

I returned to Japan on February 2th and

I participated in the snowboard exhibition on February 2th!

Before that, at the nail salon collazon in Shibuya

I got a beautiful nail! !! !!

This time, I asked them to make a two-color glitter gradation of red and gold.

I met a lot of people!

Discovered Shingo Takahashi.

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I'm joining because my friends are coming this time.
Alaskan GUS, who also appears in the American movie "videograss".

I made friends in Utah!

With GUS and friends Blaze and Dragon.

And with TEDDY KOO.
TEDDY KOO and I have escorted the town of Shibuya!

What surprised me was Blaze.
It was that famous Blaze! I was on the MXNUMX. .. ..

After this, the three returned to Yokohama and

Then I went to the club in Roppongi. .. .. !!

After this, I left my cell phone behind and went home. .. ..Lol