Banked slalom "BANKED Shibutoge" hosted by Shin Miyajima will be held on May XNUMXst!

Miyajima attracted attention in the snowboarding scene in Japan and around the world this season
After Shin returned from overseas TRIP for several months, it was about the end of the season on May 5 (Sun).At Shiga Kogen Shibutoge Ski ResortIt is said that a tournament will be held.The tournament is Banked Slalom, which has been a hot topic in recent years.Moreover, in addition to snowboarding, a new event called the snow skating section has been added, and the event is being held in an original style.

The second type of snowboarding and snow skating has been decided"BANKEDShibutogeWhat is "?"

Currently, BANKED Shibutoge is being held mainly by Shin Miyajima and Go Matsumoto, the manager of Shiga Kogen Crumpet Cafe.The aim of this tournament is to gather enthusiasts from the neighborhood or urban areas and share the joy of skiing at the ski resorts in Nagano prefecture at this time of year.And I want to get to know more about the venue, Shibutoge, and to deepen the enjoyment of winter sports.In addition, a part of the participation fee for this tournament will be donated to the NPO Childline, a person who provides SOS telephone consultation for children.

There are two events, snowboarding and snow skating.Classes are planned for master classes over XNUMX years old, open men and women, and junior men and women under XNUMX years old.The time measurement is being prepared for the event by a luxurious member supported by the management team of Tenjin Banked Slalom, Daizo Fukushima & Nagano Crew.

Probably the last Banked Slalom tournament this year.There is no doubt that the banked slalom made by everyone will be exciting.For those who have already lost their gear, the season isn't over yet!By all means, let's get excited at this tournament at the very end of the season!

★ Tournament overview
Date: May XNUMXst (Sun)
Location: Shiga Kogen / Shibutoge Ski Resort
Contents: Banked slalom competition (time race), fundraising to childline
Participation fee: 1,500 yen
* 500 of the participation feeYen isNPOBeing a corporation18Children up to the age of children will be donated to Childline Nagano.
* One-day lift ticket is available with the cooperation of Shibutoge Ski Resort.Participants, peers, special discounts2,000Circle.
* Number of participants: 100 people are expected.

There is a meal discount service for participants!
Bread is 50 yen off at Shibutoge Hotel, Yokote Summit Hutte
Crumpet 20% OFF at Crumpet Cafe Coffee 100 yen OFF

★ Flow until the day
May 5th line decision, 18th bank digging, 19th finish

★ Schedule of the day
AM9: 00 ~ Reception start
AM10: 00 ~ 11: 00
Course inspection
AM11: 10
ノ ノ ー ボ ー/Race start from master class
PM2: 00 ~
Snow skating section
PM15: 30
Awards ceremony&Lottery ♪@Crumpet Cafe

★ Riders scheduled to participate
Shin Miyajima / Nidecker, 241 clothing, SHRED optics
Takafumi Konishi / Rome SDS '16 '17 Tenjin Banked 2nd place
Ikumi Imai / Quicksilver Halfpipe National Team
Saito Satoshi / Green.lab
Go Miyajima / Green.lab
Jiro Nakayama / Green.lab
Goro Komatsu / Hand Mag

Click here for the official entry method and the latest information on BANKED ShibutogeFB pageCheck it from time to time!

Photo: okaken sample image by TENJIN BANKED SLALOM