I've cut it for two months! !! !!

Thanks! This is Shinpei Asaga during the promotion period of the screening event THEDAY JAPAN2016 "SPONSOR YOU" held on September XNUMXth!

It's been less than two months before the screening event!

Recently, I've been busy making videos and preparing for events.

This time, it's a 40-50 minute work with all-riding Shinpei Asaga and all-filming Kenichi Yanagida!

Appearance, screenplay, director, produce, shooting, all done by Shinpei Asaga and Kenichirou Yanagida!

What I felt in the last few years is that if you can do it with your soul, you can do anything as long as you do it, regardless of the number of people.

A long time ago, when I took one part (about XNUMX minutes) on a certain DVD and appeared, a friend who saw it said, "It's too short to be out? You have to have at least XNUMX minutes! I don't feel like watching it like this. "It's okay if you can get out on a snowboard for XNUMX minutes!"
I once said back.

However, if I was the viewer, I would like to see it for XNUMX minutes. .. ..About four years after that, I finally came to the point where I could embody it.

The guy who told me four years ago that he was out for me too short, definitely come this time!You are you! !!The more I hate it, the more I will come out, so please keep in mind ??? @the_day_japan
Dewa, the details below!

THEDAY JAPAN's first feature-length snowboard movie has finally been unveiled! !! Can THE DAY JAPAN open up a new era? ??Snowboard industry, pros and cons problematic work! !!Burn your eyes to the moment when a new history starts at the venue! !!Details are below ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ It is a screening event of the movie "SPONSOR YOU !!!" announced by THE DAY JAPAN in 2016! <Date and time> Saturday, September 9, 17
<Time> 18: 00-21: 30
<Location> Shibuya JINNAN CAFE (150F, Jinnan, 0041-1-17 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5-1)
<Price> Advance sale 5000 yen 5500 yen on the day
With Free Drink (beer, cocktails, soft drinks, etc.)
Click here for ticket sales.
<Cast> Shinpei Asaga, Kenichiro Yanagita
<Sponsor> Ocean Pacific and other announcements from time to time
<Event page> https://www.facebook.com/events/543793115824259/

Timetable (provisional)

18:00 Event start! (Free Drink start!)
18:30 Special content XNUMX
19:30 Special content part XNUMX
20:30 Screening start
21: 30 event end

22:00 Since it's Saturday, we are planning a second party! ⭐ We will send you condensed contents that you cannot take your eyes off from 18:00, so it is strictly forbidden to be late ~ ~! !!Lol ⭐ It's Free Drink, so you should drink it from the beginning ~ ~ ~! !! ⭐ Some of the participants wearing "SPONSOR YOU !!!!" original T-shirts. .. .. .. ..What! !!
I won't go into details!Lol * Advance tickets are limited to 200 tickets.
* Ticket ➕ A discount set with the "SPONSOR YOU !!" original T-shirt will also be on sale.
* Same-day tickets will be sold, but admission may be restricted due to congestion at the venue.TDJ-HAND-FONT-957x1024