Two months worth of events

When I noticed it, I left it for XNUMX months. .. ..

I think I have to update it, but lol

I haven't updated it since September, so I'll write about 9 months ♨︎

I was practicing in New Zealand all the time in September ☃

The number of techniques that can be done has increased! !!

Like this!

You can write "spin to win" in the comments, right?

It can't be helped.That's true.Lol



I came back from New Zealand in the end of September ??

I'm lonely, but I wanted to come back to Japan soon!Yeah?

Did you go to driving school every day for about two weeks after you came back?

And then, I got my license for? ???

From there, I don't remember much, but lol


Play with friends in Tokyo


this!Famous pancake shop!It's a lot! ??

After that,

You went to Chiba Kings. .. ..

After that,

Did you have gastroenteritis?

I've always had a stomachache and it was painful ~

After that,

You also measured the physical fitness of the national team at JISS. ??

Did you run, measure muscle mass, or listen to a class?

After that,

You appeared in KING OF KINGS. .. ..It was the worst.Lol


How to write a blog is getting messy from the middle. ..excuse me.Lol


The season is about to begin, so I'd like to work hard and do my best!

Will the first tournament be'pleasure jam'?

I don't know about it yet, but do your best.IMG_2080