XNUMXth day! !!

XNUMXth day of the one-month challenge! !!
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shinpei Asaga"
Today, Asaga seems to have a birthday. .. ..
Thanks to this video challenge, I have no birthday feeling. ..Lol
However, a gift has arrived from Japan to the United States! ??
I was surprised! !! !! !! !! !!
"Monthly challenge"
Everyday update Picture and Movie !!!!!!!!
US time April 20 ~ May 19 !!!!
Shinpei Asaga and Kenichi Yanagita, a cameraman, are conducting a "XNUMX month challenge" to upload "photos" and "videos" every day! !! !!
It's from April XNUMXst to May XNUMXth! !!