November XNUMX, XNUMX and XNUMX are ♡

Regardless of level ♪♪
From TOM, Erica Fujiwara, Asami Hirono, Asami Hirono and Nao Aoyama will participate! !! !!

Rest in Toyama ~ ♡




Snowboard, snowboard, skateboard
A genreless side-riding gathering


Events that everyone from the park to powder, children to adults, and snow lovers can enjoy will be held in Toyama Prefecture on November 11st (Sat), 1nd (Sun), and 2rd (Mon)!

This time, in addition to preview events such as HYWOD, TOMBOY, and Toyama movies, snowboard workshops and photo exhibitions, activities such as outdoor and skate lamps, lessons and sessions at Toyama Kings, etc., can be stayed for 3 days. It's a side-riding event!Of course, there is also a one-day preview and participation only in the camp!
From children to adults, from parks to powder, various people gather together to create a place where new encounters and expectations grow before the season! !!

<<< Toyama Kings >>>
A 3-day limited coaching session will be held at Japan's largest mat jump facility "Toyama KINGS"!
The strongest professional snowboard team HYWOD, to which riders active in Japan and overseas belong!The scariest! ??Girls snowboard team "TOMBOY"
Jump skill domestic NO, 1 team for both men and women!Many Olympic athletes and national team members!There aren't many coaching and sessions for this member.

<<< Binteru Meiken >>>
At the foot of Tateyama, in front of the Raicho Valley Ski Resort, "Binteru Meiken" attracts riders of various genres and ages from all over the country!

GUEST RIDERS MOVIE & TALK PARTY will be held on Saturday, November 11st!
Introducing various powder images from the park, starting with the HYWOD preview!In addition, talk sessions and photo exhibitions will be held to deepen the appeal of snowboarding related to the video!
A little more until it snows!Would you like to talk about winter together?
You may be interested in new encounters! ??

■ Movie & Talk Show
■ Photo exhibition
■ Mei Hata "MAKE" Snowboard Workshop
■ BBQ lunch
■ Slacklining, downhill, outdoor
■ Natural chill space
■ There is a great accommodation plan!

In addition, we will hold a workshop where you can make your own "snowboard", which has been attracting attention recently!
Atsushi Gomei, also known as Dr. Yukiban, "Mei Hata MAKE Yukiban" conveys its charm!
3 days full of skate ramps, slacklining, downhill and sideways riding for BBQ lunch!It's up to you to go on a day trip or play for 3 days!There is also a great accommodation plan!

VINTEL SNOWBOARD DAYS that makes snowboarding even more fun!

Let's get together and play together in preparation for the season in! !!

■ Guest rider
Keiji Okamoto / Kazushige Fujita / Sho Hansai / Yo Tanaka / Takumi Hirata / Yuya Akada / Mao Yokota / Ki Inamura / Keita Inamura / Masashi Kuroda / Atsushi Gomei / Asami Hirono / Nao Aoyama / Erika Fujiwara / Susumu Asuka / Daisuke Mizuma / Yuta Nishikawa / and more


XNUMX yen with one drink
* You can also enjoy skate lamps and photo exhibitions during the day.

■ Mei Hata "MAKE" Snowboard Workshop
Adults XNUMX yen Children XNUMX yen

■ Riders Session & Lesson
XNUMX yen a day
XNUMX yen for XNUMX days
XNUMX days XNUMX yen

■ Binteru Meiken Accommodation Plan
* (All plans include breakfast and dinner, PARTY participation rights, and one drink)
Saturday XNUMX night XNUMX yen
Saturday XNUMX night + lesson XNUMX day XNUMX yen
Saturday XNUMX night + lesson XNUMX days XNUMX yen
Saturday XNUMX night + lesson XNUMX days XNUMX yen
Saturday and Sunday XNUMX nights + lesson XNUMX day XNUMX yen
Saturday and Sunday XNUMX nights + lesson XNUMX days XNUMX yen
Saturday and Sunday XNUMX nights + lesson XNUMX days XNUMX yen

* You can freely combine the lesson days.
Example 2) Select 2 nights on Saturdays and Sundays + 1 days lesson → Take lessons on 3st (Sat) and 1rd (Mon), PARTY on 2st (Sat) night, slowly skate and snowboard on XNUMXnd (Sun) Enjoy creating.
Example 1) Select a lesson for 1 night + 1 day on Saturday → Enjoy snowboarding, skating, and night party on Saturday 2st, and participate in sessions & lessons at Kings on Sunday XNUMXnd to enjoy snowboarding.

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