Petit trip in early January


After successfully finishing the happy shooting with Tatsuya Yamaguchi and others at Akakura sightseeing, I moved to Hakuba from the next day and head Snowboards was a shop & customer, employees and riders were enthusiastic and loose. I participated in the gift "Come Ride With Us".

You had a great time with the customers and riders.

The details of this pattern are on the head blog, so please click here. ←こちらクリックで読めます。

After the event, I went to Hakuba with KXNUMX Takeo Yu, who runs the guide company "Bantei", and Kenzo, who helps the guide, and I went to dinner with Genten Stick Kazushige Fujita & VHSsnow Yasu.

The next day, enjoy Hakuba powder with KenzoIMG_5068

Then move from Hakuba to Myoko.During the four days I stayed in Hakuba, it had been falling and snow was changing the scenery of the city.

I returned to my hometown Utsunomiya from Myoko and am indebted to me for rehabilitation.
To Hunter Mountain Shiobara with Dr. W, a physiotherapist.
In the pecan field, I greeted Mr. Muroi, a sales person who was indebted to me last year, and met everyone who met after a long time, and Mr. Filmer Hosshi who is working and Mr. Mantaro, a cameraman. became.
Pecan Hunter \ (^ o ^) /

And with a few days of rehabilitation days

I went to the Nango Ski Resort, which I have been indebted to for a long time, to say hello.With Abe-san, who often took me to the slopes when I started snowboarding!

Again pecans and \ (^ o ^) /

The slopes were very busy with a large number of skiers and snowboarders who enjoyed the snow park, half pipe, and light powder snow that Nango Ski Resort boasts!

I also got a lot of souvenirs such as tomato juice, which is a specialty of Nango, fried buns, and my favorite air-in chocolate pukupukutai.
I returned to Tokyo with a happy feeling.

With this kind of feeling, it became a blog like a recent status report, but since tomorrow it will be a petite trip to another area.

I also want to spell it out on my blog!

First of all, I will serve as MC for slopestyle amateur and professional games at Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort, so I would like to thank everyone who can meet in the field!
If you have time, please be intoxicated by the feats of top amateurs and professional riders nationwide at the Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort.