!! !! !!I transferred to Goggles SPY! !! !!

Hello everyone.

This time, I transferred the goggles sponsor,

It became a new goggle brand called SPY.

It's an overseas brand,

It is a safe goggle brand that has a long history since it was recognized in Japan.

Because it is a goggle frame with different shapes, colors and tastes

You will definitely find what you want ☆


Click on our favorite SPY Sun Glance ☆

These are SPY people.

Thank you in advance!

If you did this

Oh, Mr. Kihara from Kanda's Pro Shop F Junk!

Kihara-san and I are close to home, so we are drinking friends. .. .. !!

Also, let's drink at "Agemonya" ♪


After this, with Mr. Nagako Mori, a former Olympic athlete from Salt Lake City HP
I played in Shibuya ☆

SPY sunglasses

I'm happy ♪

You cherish!