PROTECTOR protects snowboarders from high-speed carving turns, gratri, and riding in the park

Brand "eb's" has a lineup of many accessories for snowboarders, including gloves, bags, board cases, and protectors.Anyway, the appeal of eb's is the large number of items, the unique ideas unique to Japanese brands, and the rich quality.
eb's has a rich lineup of PROTECTOR that protects the body from the impact of falling while riding.Among them, ONE PIECE PAD XRD®︎, which is newly released this season, is a hip pad equipped with the high-performance shock absorbing material "XRD®︎" that realizes an unprecedented fit.Not only tricks in the park, but also a one-piece structure to firmly protect the part that is susceptible to impact even when falling in a deep carving turn or gratri, eliminating the gap between the pads and firmly up to the trochanteric part of the femur on the side In the shape to cover.With this, you can try new tricks with confidence.

This season's recommended ONE PIECE PAD has achieved an unprecedented fit.Recommended for carving turns and gratri!

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