2 hours access from the metropolitan area Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Resort is very popular for its super-secret non-compacted snow and tree runs


10 minutes from the Yuzawa Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway.Yuzawa Nakazato is easily accessible, just 2 hours from the Tokyo metropolitan area.Although it has a strong image for beginners, the side country area has expanded since last season, and intermediate and advanced players can enjoy it, such as free runs after heavy snow and steep slopes along the first high-speed lift.Introducing recommended courses and topics of Yuzawa Nakazato!


Anyway, abundant amount of snow.Because it boasts one of the highest amounts of snow in the Yuzawa area, the side country area, which will start in earnest from this year, offers an outstanding DEEP experience.The most recommended of them is
9191.Since the slope is relatively high, you can avoid getting stuck if you aim for a line that drops vertically, and it is full of terrain where you can enjoy DEEP anyway.

Check out the panoramic view of Yuzawa Nakazato's course and the location of 9191

hotslope2_nakazatoBANK YARD

"BANK YARD" produced by "SNOW CASE", which produces events and parks mainly in the Yuzawa area.It features a truly backyard-like park that reproduces the fun terrain of nature.Designed based on items that everyone can enjoy, such as banks and waves

Even if the natural terrain is difficult, you can play this terrain park

topics1_nakazatoSIDE COUNTRY. POWDER AREA.

Easy access from the lift, and of course easy to return to the course.Introducing SIDE COUTNRY POWDER AREA, where you can easily enjoy the tree line.There are 4 courses in total, but all of them have abundant natural terrain and advanced users should be able to enjoy various ways.I want you to taste it right after the snowfall

Check out 4 side country areas

topics2_nakazatoVOLCOM STORE

The only seasonal VOLCOM directly managed store in Japan that opened last year.A wide variety of products that are possible only at directly managed stores are sold at outlet prices.The Stone Cafe is also next door, so you can stop by at any time for lunch or after-sales and immerse yourself in the VOLCOM world.

Let's utilize the free public bath, public bath and kids room!

topics3_nakazatoSmile lesson

Free snowboard lessons starting this year.A nice service for beginners who kindly and politely convey various manners as well as improving gliding skills.At Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Resort, 4th grade and above are eligible, and the maximum number of people is 10 on the day.The time is from 9:00 to 9:30

In addition to smile lessons, there are plenty of schools

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