The best freestyle board with an innovative concept: GNU_RIDERS CHOICE / RC C3

Since its inception, GNU has always introduced innovative concepts, unique technology and the best materials to create superior snowboards that advance riding.
Currently, the Marvin Factory in the USA has the latest equipment to achieve zero organic waste, making it a brand that is at the forefront of the snowboarding scene.
A particularly notable technology is the development of an asymmetrical board.
The edge shape is different on the toe side and heel side, and the board is designed to match the structure and movement of the human body, and the level of perfection of the board is truly top class in the world.This technology is also used in freestyle boards such as RIDERS CHOICE and RC C3.

“RIDERS CHOICE” uses a twin tip + double camber structure (HYBRID C2x) with an asymmetrical design.
The combination of the rocker at the center of the board and the camber under both feet, along with the wavy magnetic traction edges, grips the snow surface perfectly, allowing for easy carving and improving turn stability.
From tricky movements to sharp carvings, you can do whatever you want.Furthermore, starting this season, 3D Delight Wood Asym chips are embedded in both legs, efficiently distributing pressure to the edges, and updating pop, power, and performance.
Its versatility is also appealing as it can be adapted to a variety of uses, including park, jib, and free riding.
It comes in a wide variety of sizes, so you can find the one that's best for you.

``RC C3'' is a model that pursues an aggressive riding style with a left-right asymmetric twin tip + C3 hybrid camber structure.
C3 camber produces a more natural and straight response, and it is characterized by strength and sharpness.
The ultra-lightweight and highly repulsive asymmetrical model has a carbon power band that makes it a high-response, high-performance board, making it ideal for competitors who challenge big-sized park items.
The RC C3 is also equipped with the latest 3D Delight Wood Asym chips on both legs, dramatically improving control performance.

Two models with different characteristics: HYBRID C2x and C3.GNU's freestyle boards are designed with style in mind, and are sure to further improve your riding skills.

SIZE: 151.5, 154.5, 157.5, 159.5, 161.5, 155W, 158W, 162W
PRICE: ¥ 121,000

RC C3 (right)
SIZE: 154.5, 157.5, 159.5, 158W, 162W
PRICE: ¥ 121,000

RIDERS CHOICE uses a double camber structure (HYBRID C2X) with camber sections at the front and rear of the rocker at the center of the board.

RC C3 has a camber-based hybrid structure with a mild rocker in the center of the camber arch.

Asymmetrical shape with shorter snow contact length on the heel side than on the toe side.Twin tip shape makes it compatible with goofy stances.

The newly installed 3D Delight Wood Asym chip efficiently distributes pressure to the edge and improves controllability.

The wavy magnetic traction edge firmly grips the snow surface and stabilizes turns.



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