"DYNAMO" "DYNAMISS" _LIB TECHNOLOGIES to run freely and freely in the snowy mountains

From deep powder to slope cruise,
Flexible support for carving tricks

Size: 150, 153, 156, 156W, 159, 159W, 162, 162W, 165Wcm
Price: ¥ 97,900 (tax included)

Size: 142, 145, 149, 153cm
Price: ¥ 95,700 (tax included)

DYNAMO is a directional board that features a gentle tapered shape with a hybrid camber C3 structure with a mild rocker placed in the board center while being camber as a whole. Thanks to the wavy magnetic traction edge with seven different sized protrusions, it has the perfect buoyancy of powder, which is the merit of rocker, as well as the sharp carving and powerful ollie which are the strengths of camber. It is finished in a model that gives you a sense of security that the edge will bite in any scene.From deep powder in the morning to slope cruises and carving tricks, this is exactly the one that runs around the snowy mountains.As with last year, the graphics are handled by Mike Parilo, who has been the art director of ASYMBOL, an art project launched in collaboration with Travis Rice.
DYNAMISS adjusts the specifications of DYNAMO according to the body shape and leg strength of girls, juniors, and small Japanese men.The basic concept and structure are the same as DYNAMO, and the graphics are decorated with the popular Jamie Lin's art.

C3 structure with the strengths of camber and rocker
Looking at the whole board, it is a camber, but only the center part is a rocker.However, the board center is a mild rocker that does not touch the ground even when placed on a flat floor, so the ride quality is close to camber.While having the sharpness and power of the camber, it also has the looseness of the rocker and the buoyancy of the powder.That is the C3 camber structure.The top is DYNAMO and the bottom is DYNAMISS
Magnet traction boasting an edge grip power that is different from the order of magnitude
Wavy edges with 7 differently sized protrusions.It has a distinctive shape that anyone can see that the edges are swelling.Demonstrates a reliable grip in any scene.The photo is DYNAMO. DYNAMISS is also equipped with a magnet traction edge
The synergistic effect with the mild rocker of the board center creates sufficient buoyancy in the nose part, and it can run through even with deep powder.

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