Freeride series "LOVEBUZZ"_Gray Snowboards

Each model has a characteristic arch and
composed of outlines

Gray Snowboards
Size: 48, 52, 56, 57[ROCKER], 57[CAMBER], 58, 62 (58 in the photo)
Price: ¥103,400 (156, 157 roc/cam: tax included) ¥79,200 (148, 152, 158, 162: tax included)

Among the lineup of Gray Snowboards, "LOVEBUZZ" is an all-mountain freeride series that proposes playing with the natural terrain of the entire snowy mountain.Each size has a characteristic outline and arch bend, and is developed as a board that pursues the ride and play on various terrains.
48, 52, 56, 58, and 62 adopt a long moontail with a large R. The 57 uses a tail with a larger slit.It can respond flexibly to slope changes, and has a sidecut that combines 3 or 5 arcs, and is extremely smooth when turning, and you can fully enjoy free carving by taking advantage of its excellent maneuverability.
As for the arch, we use each in the series, such as Sing Camber, S-Low Camber, and Powder Rocker.This precise design is the unique characteristic of Gray Snowboards.

At first glance, it looks like a powder-oriented shape, but the LOVEBUZZ has a wide range of adaptability, from powder to compacted snow carving, freestyle riding on natural terrain, and you can freely enjoy any slope.
In particular, it has outstanding operability and a sense of stability that are ideal for playing over terrain such as slopes and swamps on natural terrain.

The camber arch is also designed with a well-thought-out shape and value for each model.


The nose part adopts a loose side curve and camber, and while generating sufficient buoyancy, by stepping on the board, the snow contact point enters the inside and introduces it to a smooth turn.


The side curves are a combination of three arcs, except for 57. 3 combines five arcs


LOVEBUZZ's signature moontail. 57 adopts a larger cut-out tail

Preemptive gear feature: GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>High-performance guratori model "GENIUS [Cam/Roc]" "TRICKSTICK [iz]" that introduces the highest technology of GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>``MACH'' is a cutting-edge carving machine that will lead the new era of run and tricks.
>"DELIGHT" has a soft flex design for carving entry users, allowing you to enjoy easy carving from medium to low speeds.

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