The long-awaited new model is finally here! Large flat lens model “GOODMAN” that uses the much-talked-about “A-BLOW SYSTEM”_DICE

An overwhelmingly wide field of vision and an excellent fit that is ideal for Japanese people.
Made in Japan advantage

Photochromic/Ultra Light Gray/Light Silver Mirror
PRICE: ¥35,200 *Made in Japan

Excellent functionality and fitting unique to DICE

Speaking of DICE, their high-performance goggles "BANK" equipped with their own one-touch ventilation system "A-BLOW SYSTEM" are gaining tremendous popularity as a standard model.

The manufacturer, Yamamoto Optical, has been researching and developing optical products for over 100 years, but rather than simply pursuing performance, they have created excellent products that support snowboarders' passion for snowboarding. We develop products by putting all our experience and technology to work. It ensures the best visibility even in tough conditions and provides accurate visibility in any scene. The stress-free visibility allows you to experience the real fun of snowboarding.

The A-BLOW SYSTEM, a one-touch ventilation system developed by DICE, has an outstanding effect that far exceeds the anti-fogging measures developed by goggle manufacturers. DICE's lens itself is equipped with a PREMIUM ANTI-FOG function that exhibits twice the water absorption capacity of previous models (our previous model), and is also equipped with the A-BLOW SYSTEM. It can be said that it has the strongest anti-fog effect.

DICE also offers a wide variety of high-performance lenses. The new lineup also includes three types of mirror photochromic lenses: black, yellow, and shadow that change color to match the environment. For those who have been debating between "Ultra dimming or mirror dimming", this is the lens they have been waiting for.

Completely new model "GOODMAN"

``SHOWDOWN'' equipped with a flat lens has also become popular with many snowboarders, and there have been growing calls for A-BLOW SYSTEM to be installed on flat lenses, and the long-awaited new model has finally arrived. That is "GOODMAN", which is equipped with a large flat lens.

It is not a model that incorporates A-BLOW SYSTEM into SHOWDOWN, but is developed from a new frame. All parts used in the A-BLOW SYSTEM have also been improved for this GOODMAN. By raising the side part, the lens pops up. The space necessary for ventilation is created between the lens and the frame, eliminating fogging at once. The ventilation action of the vaunted A-BLOW SYSTEM also seems to have become even smoother. Of course, you can easily ventilate even if you are wearing gloves, so if you slip, you can ventilate during the lift and refresh yourself. You can feel the Kodawari that is unique to DICE.

The left and right field of view is wide, which is a characteristic of large flat lenses, and the rounded shape of the bottom of the frame also ensures visibility toward your feet. Enables safer and more accurate riding. The frame itself is very light, flexible and fits perfectly to your face. This feeling is unique to the Japanese brand DICE, because everything from the frame to the form that touches the face was designed based on research on the Japanese skeletal structure. It's truly amazing that I don't feel any stress even after wearing it for long periods of time.

GOODMAN's lenses include 3 types of lenses: ``Photochromic/Ultra Light Gray/Light Silver Mirror,'' a high-performance all-weather lens that combines the features of an ultra lens that makes it easy to see light and irregularities, and 4 new types of photochromic mirror lenses. is available. We want you to choose the best partner for next season according to your style.

When you raise the side part, the lens pops up. Enough space for ventilation is created between the lens and frame, eliminating fog. Easy to operate even when wearing gloves
The large flat lens provides an extremely wide left and right field of view. The rounded shape of the lower part of the frame expands the field of view towards your feet, allowing you to enjoy riding more safely.
The upper surface uses Claritex mesh, which is specialized in water repellency and stain resistance, to efficiently draw in outside air and prevent fogging even during snow or rain.
The back side of the belt has a silicone anti-slip coating that prevents it from slipping when worn.
Photochromic / Ultra Light Gray / Light Silver Mirror
A lens equipped with photochromic technology (dimming). This is an all-weather lens that maintains the feature of the Ultra lens, which makes it easy to see irregularities, but automatically adjusts the brightness of the lens in all environments, from snowy and cloudy days to sunny days. This is the strongest lens that can be used in any condition.


>Advance Gear Special Feature 2024-2025: DICE
>Stylish mirror dimming model of the new model “GOODMAN” equipped with A-BLOW SYSTEM
>BANK, the flagship model of DICE goggles, is extremely popular with its spherical lens.
>JACKPOT, a long-selling model that continues to evolve with improved lenses and expanded visibility.

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