Jun Taniguchi✖️ SP Bindings『sLAB.ONE』

QXNUMX: Mr. Taniguchi, what kind of binding is sLAB.ONE?

Taniguchi: It's a binding that holds the board firmly from the ankle down, and it feels like your movements are directly transmitted to the board.Also, it's a rear entry, so it's easy to put on and it's good to be able to start riding immediately.

QXNUMX: It's great that you hold it firmly!What kind of riding do you recommend?

Taniguchi: It's perfect for carving freaks!In addition, since there is no unnecessary loss and the freedom of the ankle is effective to some extent, it is also suitable for free riding on various slopes, uneven terrain and powder!

QXNUMX: Did you have a decisive factor in wanting to wear sLAB?

Taniguchi: Originally, I used a thin aluminum base plate, so I was interested in the sLAB.ONE, which has a hard and thin aluminum base plate.I also started using sLAB.ONE because of the convenience of the rear entry and the benefits of not having a heel cup.

QXNUMX: What are the benefits of not having a heel cup?

Taniguchi: When carving deep turns, the board is set up quite a bit and the edging is strong, but at that time, the heel cup hits the snow surface on the heel side (heel side) and drags the edge off. . (Because I don't swing my angle that far..) I can avoid that risk, so I can stand up the board without worrying about it and make stronger edging.

QXNUMX: How about a rear entry?

Taniguchi: Compared to the strap, the speed of wearing is overwhelming.It's no match for step-in bindings, but it's great to be able to put it on quickly while making fine adjustments.If you want to make it a little stronger than before, it is set in the same place, so you can make fine adjustments from the previous setting just by slightly fiddling with the ratchet after fitting the leg.In addition, if you get used to it, you can wear it even while sliding.And most importantly, the toe strap, ankle strap, and highback are tight and tight, so I can feel the board, binding, and boots more united than strap binding.

Q1: Lastly, what do you like most about Taniguchi-san's sLAB.ONE? !

Taniguchi: I really like how the sLAB boots hold!You can feel that the board, bindings and boots are one with a grip like no other.One of the attractions is that you can customize it by finding your own hold feeling because you can make fine adjustments.

Jun Taniguchi / Born on September 9th
■ Height/166cm ■ Stance/regular 58cm
■ Angle / front 27 degrees, rear 3 degrees
■Snowboard history/ 22 years
■ Home Mountain / Hachikita Ski Resort, Hyogo Prefecture
■ Items used/
boots:EIGHT BOA Lliquid fit