No need to worry about poor visibility! "BANK" _DICE with A-BLOW system for quick ventilation with one touch

Can handle bad weather, night games to dopecans
Also pay attention to the further evolved ULTRA LENS

PRICE: ¥ 28,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 30,800 (tax included)

At the same time as the announcement, it became a big topic, and DICE's [A-BLOW system] has become widely known for its power so that it can be said that there is no ventilation system that exceeds this system."BANK" is a high-performance model equipped with the latest functions.Simply raise the side parts at both ends of the frame forward to lift the lens from the goggle frame, creating space.By taking in cold outside air into the gap, the cloudiness of the lens is eliminated at once.Moreover, the operation is OK even with gloves on.Since you can lightly attach your hand to the frame and operate it with your thumb, you can ventilate with one touch and clear the lens when you get on the lift after slipping one.At the same time as the visibility becomes clear, the cold air flowing into the goggles refreshes mentally. The power of [PREMIUM ANTI-FOG], which absorbs moisture on the lens surface that is standard equipment on all DICE models and exerts an anti-fog effect, is also outstanding and it is hard to fog sufficiently, but bad weather such as rain and inadvertent goggles Trouble will occur, such as putting it on the beanie and letting it go.Even in such a case, this A-BLOW system can speedily eliminate cloudiness without removing the goggles and wiping the lens.

DICE's ultimate lens "ULTRA LENS" has evolved further."LIGHT GRAY", which is one step brighter than the conventional lens color "LIGHT PURPLE", is bright enough to be used in a nighter, and by combining it with PHOTOCHROMIC (dimming), which changes color with ultraviolet rays, it is a bad weather / nighter. From to fine weather, it can handle all weather without changing lenses.Visible transmittance varies widely from 15% to 55%.The strongest all-round lens for all weather conditions has been further enhanced.While maintaining the high visibility that was characteristic of the conventional ULTRA LENS, you will be able to enjoy more drastic riding than before by reducing eye strain and making the unevenness of the snow surface clearer than with the naked eye.

BANK has the best technology in the frame as well as the lens.A combination of a hard frame (black parts) and a soft frame (green parts), it is a new structure hybrid frame that enables durability and comfortable fitting.The top uses Claritex mesh that specializes in "water repellency" and "stain resistance", and it is designed with attention to detail, such as efficiently taking in outside air even during snowfall and rain, and controlling cloudiness. ..Once you use it, you'll be amazed at its outstanding features and you'll never let go.

DICE is a snowboard goggles brand produced by Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., which has been researching and developing optical products for over 100 years. DICE's goal is not just to make good quality goggles, but to provide users with "the best experience of enjoying snowboarding" beyond style and conditions.The new technology introduced every year, where you can feel the long-standing efforts of the development staff and the passion as a domestic brand for snowboarding.The greatest strength of being domestically produced is that all products are developed based on Japanese snowboarders and snowy mountains in Japan.Not only the frame is designed according to the Japanese skeleton, but also the color and processing of the lens are being researched assuming the view through the lens with the Japanese eyeball.And snow also has its own properties, and the type varies depending on the area, from smooth powder to those containing a lot of water.As the conditions of the gliding burn change depending on the weather, the information obtained from the field of view is very important for snowboarders.If you want to enjoy the best snowboarding, get the best goggles, DICE.

A-BLOW SYSTEM: The lens pops up automatically when the side parts are raised.Sufficient ventilation space is created between the lens and the frame to eliminate cloudiness.You can always keep the best environment inside the lens
HYBRID FRAME: A combination of hard and soft frames for increased durability and a comfortable fit.CLARITEX MESH: The material of the top part uses a mesh specializing in "water repellency" and "stain resistance".Efficiently takes in outside air and controls cloudiness even when it is snowing or raining
ULTRA LENS: Yamamoto Optics' technological strength, which continues to pursue high-performance lenses, has completed the best photochromic lenses.The newly introduced PHOTOCHROMIC / ULTRA LIGHT GRAY / LIGHT SILVER MIRROR has a wide range of visible transmittance changes from 15% to 55%, ensuring the best visibility from bad weather, night games to dopecans without the need for lens replacement.

> Pre-emptive gear special feature
>"SHOW DOWN" pursuing the standard style of goggles while keeping the latest technology
>Japan Fit BIG frame model "HIGH ROLLER", a self-confident work of DICE that has continued to develop high quality goggles
>Long-selling model "JACKPOT" that established the high reliability of DICE

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