The first Burton Mystery Series in Western Japan will be held! A grassroots snowboarding event that brought together 4 people ranging in age from 64 to 209.

The Burton Mystery Series is a grassroots event held around the world by Burton, with the aim of allowing people of all ages, genders, and levels, from professionals to beginners, to simply enjoy snowboarding.
It will be held at Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain in January. 1 participants and their companions enjoyed the nice snow in the north area of ​​Nekoma Mountain, and held a banked slalom and park session. Overseas guests such as Ben Ferguson and Mikkel Bang, along with BURTON riders such as Raimu Katayama, Yuya Nakayama, and Yuki Furuhata, made the event even more exciting.

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And this event is the second one. The location is Ski Jam Katsuyama in Fukui Prefecture. This is the first Burton Mystery Series in western Japan. There were concerns that the event would not be held due to this season's warm winter, but in order to meet the expectations of snowboarders who were looking forward to it, the diggers began constructing the course about a week before the event. The staff at Ski Jam Katsuyama has repeatedly transported large amounts of snow from the sides of other courses within the ski resort using special dump trucks. The course was built and the event was held despite the recent snowfall.
On the day of the event, March 3, a total of 9 snowboarders from a wide range of ages, from 4 to 64 years old, gathered.
Guest riders Kurumi Imai, Yuya Nakayama, and Yuki Takeuchi participated, and while exciting the venue with their stylish riding, they also had a great time talking with participants and taking commemorative photos.
The participants had a great time in the pouring snow and enjoyed the event by doing challenging skis to do their best.

In the blessed snow of March. The event, held for the first time in western Japan, was a great success.
Many people like the open atmosphere, which makes it easy for people to participate even if it's their first time attending Banked.
During the preparation stage, there was a huge struggle due to the lack of snow, and large amounts of snow had to be brought in from other locations to build the park. Thanks to the tasteless snow just before, the park was completed safely.
Men's Open Top 3
Women's Open Top 3

What is the Burton Mystery Series?
Centering on snowboarding, we collaborate with resorts and local communities in each area, allowing everyone who shares the space to come together and have fun, and the starting point for the growth of a snowboarding community unique to that region. We started aiming for an event that would become. The Burton Mystery Series, which started in 2022, has been held at various resorts in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and continues to create snowboarding communities while creating excitement unique to each region.

Cooperation with POW Japan
As part of disseminating information to reduce the burden on the global environment and pass on the rich snowy nature to the next generation, POW Japan and Burton will hold a talk show on ski slope radio to send a message.