A Canadian trip video has been released from Heart films starring Kazushige Fujita.

[Vimeo 98093786 w = h = 500 281]Let's go on a trip… from HEART FILMS on Vimeo.Starring: Kazushige Fujita, Yu Sasaki, Shikaichi Ueki, Jundai Nakashio

January 2014.Leaving Canada's west coast, which had been hit by a record shortage of snow, a road trip east in search of new stimuli and snow.It's the beginning of a rare journey weaved by a heterogeneous crew of snowboarders, skiers and telemarkers.

In Jan 2014, There was a record lack of snow in the West Coast of Canada.
We decided to leave and headed East to get some fresh snow and new excitement. It began with 1 snowboarder, 2 skiers and 1 telemark skier – which made up our diverse crew!