Maiko Snow Resort Opening Report !!

Maiko Snow Resort Opening Report !!
The powder run at the beginning of the season was the best

I went to Maiko Snow Resort, which opened safely in the 2016-2017 season, on Saturday, December 12th! !!
Approximately 2 hours from the Kanetsu Expressway Nerima IC, with excellent access.Maiko Snow Resort where you can enjoy the finest powder and all layers in a fulfilling park for kids and beginners.

At the opening, you can glide in the Okusoechi area that was raised by the gondola.The lower Nagamine area was not open yet. As of 12/17.

Arriving at the ski resort, it feels good with the snow that has fallen from the day before.
Is this a powder on the top? ??

Get into the gondola with excitement.
The weather on that day was cloudy and snow was scattered during the run.

When you get off the gondola, you will find a beautifully maintained Pistenburn and Hajipau!
From the gentle and wide Runrun course to the Swiss course.
I enjoyed the powder run because of the slope of the Swiss course.

The aim is a non-compacted snow course, a chilly course.
It has accumulated quite a bit.

And a good slope.To the open burn that hasn't got a line yet.
The snow was a little wet at the beginning of the season, but I enjoy the powder run to my heart's content.
For the time being, the tension rises in the powder run after a long absence, and I slip through the thrilling course.
After carving out the lines on the chilly course, take the quad lift in front of you to the non-compacted snow Gungun course.
This is about twice as long as the chilling course.If you slip a few, your legs will become fluffy.


Before the afternoon, there were a lot of lines and a lot of training ...
You can train hard from the beginning of the season!

A pleasant powder run at the beginning of the season.
OUT OF rider Masato Chiba also enjoyed it

Hajipau still remains.

I've enjoyed it like this.
Maiko Snow Resort, which has a full range of non-compacted snow courses, can still be enjoyed depending on how you play!

I can't wait for the full OPEN!

And here are 7 reasons why you can enjoy Maiko Snow Resort this season!
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