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Boa emerged as an innovative system in 2001 and has evolved over a dozen years into being equipped with many snowboard boots.What are your impressions of Boa?
The current Boa fit system continues to evolve for a "quick, easy, and accurate fit" rather than "easy to tighten boots."Boa's unique appeal is that you can customize the best fit that each snowboarder wants.Here, we asked Masanori Takeuchi, a Burton rider and one of Boa's pioneers, to talk about the feeling of the Boa fit system currently used with the Step On® system.

Masanori Takeuchi asks for boots
About "fitness"

Actually, since I was using the lace type, I prefer to have a little more fit, and I didn't like to tighten the boots tightly.I used to go to Alpine races and wear hard boots, but I didn't like the cramped feeling (laughs).Only the race was riding with a tight fit, and I took it off as soon as the scene was over.I was originally surfing and started snowboarding, so I wanted to seek freedom of ankles like surfing even in snowy mountains.That's why I haven't tightened the fit in my career so far, so the shoelace, Burton's speed race, and the current Boa fit system and how to tighten it have changed, but before I start slipping in the morning, the shoelace After tightening up, it's almost like spending the day as it is.Of course, when you want to improve the fit a little, such as when sliding on a steep slope, you used to tighten the strap strongly.Basically, I've prioritized free movement rather than a natural fit.

With Burton's Step On® system
Boa fit system combination

However, over the last few years I've been using Burton's Step On® system bindings and boots as my main focus, and I've been able to adjust the fit even more. Due to the characteristics of the Step On® system itself, the sense of unity is very high compared to general strap bindings and boots.I think that's a merit, but in the past, even when the boot fit was a little loose, I was able to change the feeling around the foot by tightening the binding strap itself.Even if the boots are a little loose, you can improve the fit by closing the straps, and you can return to a loose feeling by removing the binding.However, with the Step On® system, most of the fit feel is adjusted in the boots.That's why adjusting the fit of your boots is so important.I've been using Burton's Swath Step On® boots these days, with two Boas so that the lower part of the instep and the upper part from the heel to the shin can be tightened separately. By making that adjustment, you can get the best fit.What's more, the adjustments made with the Boa dial do not apply excessive force, just turn the dial.I was able to get the right feeling without over-tightening and not over-tightening, which made my riding more comfortable.I really like it.

A Boa system that enables customization that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking by dialing.The compact dial has a fast winding speed and is highly reliable.

Boa fit system
To use it more comfortably

There are four types of boots using Burton's Step On® Boa, and each has its own characteristics, but the Swath Step On® I'm using now doesn't feel too oppressive even when the Boa fit system is tightened. Moreover, the boots themselves have flexible performance. The lower sections of the two Boa are tightened a little, and the upper part is not so tight.Even so, there is a sufficient fit and there is no feeling of tightening with the binding strap, so the fit of the entire boots firmly covers that sense of security.It seems that some general snowboarders tighten Boa too tightly, but I don't think it is necessary to tighten it that much.On the contrary, overtightening may cause troubles.Originally, each boot has its own original performance and an appropriate fit to bring it out, so it is basic to use the Boa fit system to match it.

Boa is not just a parts supplier, but jointly researches and develops parts configurations and system settings to maximize boot performance according to each manufacturer's boot making concept.

For each boot
How to use the Boa fit system is different,
The fit will change accordingly.

The Boa on Burton's Step On® boots is also arranged differently for each model, and the feeling when turning the dial to tighten it is different.If you become another manufacturer, how to use Boa will be different.For example, Boa is placed so that the heel is held more firmly.The fit will also change.I also used Photon at first, but this boot had a tight fit by tightening the belt attached to the ankle part with Boa.It is also important to check the fit of each model and find the one that tightens this part is very good for you.

Burton's Boa fit system uses a super fiber lace called Dyneema, which is also used in Speed ​​Zone models, instead of the commonly used stainless steel wire.Since it is not metal, the feeling when tightened is well-balanced, and the foot feels soft, and I think that it improves the feeling of Boa.

From the left, from the front of Step On® Photon So, Swath So, normal type Photon, and Ion.The layout of the race system of each model is different because the performance required by each model is different and the balance of fit is also changed accordingly.
From the left, from the front of Step On® Photon So, Swath So, normal type Photon, and Ion.The layout of the race system of each model is different because the performance required by each model is different and the balance of fit is also changed accordingly.
The TX3 race, currently used only by Burton, is a collaborative race between New England Rope, a yacht and rescue rope brand, and Boa.Strong enough to tighten snowboard boots

From a system that seeks "easy"
To a system that seeks "performance"

The Boa fit system has also evolved, and I feel that it has become a system that brings out more performance from the function that the boots can be easily tightened and released quickly when taken off. I think Burton's Step On ® is not only easy, but also a system that improves the performance of your feet, but it's also good because you can adjust the fit perfectly with Boa.It is special for me that there is no discomfort.I think the appeal is that it is easy to get your own fit.That also leads to riding performance.

If you wear your morning boots at home and fit your best fit, you can wear them all day long.Get a natural fit and less fatigue.Also, as a style, I like the fact that the laces do not fall apart even if the laces are loosened.

Masanori Takeuchi
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A customized fit is essential for Masanori Takeuchi's supple turns.